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Boys Locker Room to My Room

2022-05-18 00:00:04

This friday was going to be a day to remember! Im laying on
my bed being kissed by Coach Cutie. I cant believe it and
I so want to tell someone but at this moment Im enjoying the
kiss. My mind is racing and Im thinking of all the possibilities.

So he leans me back and starts to kiss me. Ive never been kissed
so passionately before. I feel this tingly feeling go all
over my body and now I have goosebumps. I remind you, Im still
a virgin and many of the girls on my squad are "doing
it" already with their boyfriends. One of them even
had an abortion! Its not something we talk about but it did
create a lot of drama on our squad at this one time.

I am afraid of getting pregnant even though Ive never "done
it". My mom is pretty cool and thats mostly because
she just divorced my dad. Seems like she's a teenager
herself sometimes. I got drunk at a party one night and spent
the night at my friends house. The next day they had a PTA
thing and I told my mom that I wanted to layout and get some
sun so she didnt make me go. Well alot of my friends were there
and told her how drunk I got! They thought it was cool to tell
her and when she came home, she told me what they said. I cant
believe my friends would tell on me like that. But my mom
snapped a towel at me and asked if I had a hangover. I told
her not really but I wasnt feeling that great. She said the
sun was the last thing I needed. Anyway, thats when I asked
who it was and she told me who ratted me out. I blurted out,
I cant believe it Mom. She is the one who has an abortion and
makes us all promise not to let any parents find out! So my
mom is shocked and asks me if Im having sex. I told her I wasnt
but its not like I would ever plan it. She said lets get you
on the pill so we dont have any mistakes! So Ive been taking
the pill as a preventative measure in case the moment comes!
So you can see my mom is pretty cool.

So hes kissing me so passionately and Im feeling very tingly
and realize Ive never felt like that before. So in my head
Im thinking that this is one of those moments when I may get
pregnant. He stops and looks at me and says "God you
are beautiful". Im so flattered and I cant even tell
you at this moment how I feel. The guys at school never tell
you that you are beautiful when they kiss you. They just
kiss, no talking! My hair is kind of long, comes down to the
middle of my back. He gets up and stands there looking at
me and I start to get up too. He says, "no, just let me
look at you". He obviously likes what he sees I can
see he is getting a boner in his thick shorts. Whats funny
is that I can hear jingling every once in a while when we were
kissing. He takes his keys out of his pocket and puts them
on my dresser. Then he takes off his shirt. He says, "Im
not as tan as you, so dont laugh at me". I tell him its
okay and that he has a nice chest. He's blonde too and
has hardly any hair on his chest. I love that. And he asks
if Ive ever had sex before. I tell him that Im a virgin but
Im on the pill. He asks me if my mom knows Im on the pill? I tell
him that it was her idea so that no mistakes would happen.
I said my mom is really cool.

He says well you dont need to be on the pill if you dont have
sex. I reply, I know but my mom thinks its a good idea in case
a moment comes where I just dont expect. Better safe than
sorry. We dont need any mistakes.

He says that there wont be any mistakes so Im kind of confused
because he is kissing me and now his shirt is off? What is
he thinking? He asks if Ive ever seen a man naked? I tell him
"no", just my dad in his underwear. And then
he asks if Ive ever had anyone given me oral sex? I told him
no and that I didnt know girls could have oral sex? He laughed
and said what? You think only guys can have oral sex? I told
him yeah! He said that if I have oral sex I can never get pregnant
and it may very well feel better than regular sex. So he leans
forward and puts his hands on my hips leans forward and gives
me a quick kiss. He slides his hands in my bathing suit bottoms
and starts sliding them down my legs. My legs are now up in
the air and my bottoms in his hands. He takes my legs and puts
them together and slides his other hand down my legs down
to my vagina! Im swallowing hard and realizing I have no
idea what he is going to do? I have always imagined having
a guys dick slide in me and wonder if its going to hurt! Well
this hand is warm and now he is spreading my legs and grabbing
my hips and pulling me towards the edge of the bed. He is telling
me how beautiful I am and how untouched I look. I feel his
hands on my thighs and lightly rubbing me. Ive got more goosebumps
everywhere. I keep leaning forward looking at what hes
doing. Every once in a while his eyes will look up at me but
he looks like how I feel when I go into a bakery. Just looking
at everything and trying to decide what to eat. He seems
happy and then Im getting embarrassed because hes just
looking at me down there!

Then he puts his mouth on my pussy and his fingers are on my
vagina spreading it. Hes licking me and his mouth is hot.
It feels good, so good I cant describe it. Then he looks at
me and when he does I get more goosebumps and more tingly.
Hes making so much noise like he's devouring a pizza.
It sounds so nasty and Im feeling like a bad girl but my god,
Ive never felt this weak before. I keep looking at him and
the more I look at him the more tingly I get. His tongue is
moving so fast on my vagina. He looks up at me and his face
is wet and he looks so silly. He says I have a beautiful pink
vagina with a great clit. I say Thank you and ask him what
a clit is. He stops and says can you feel this? And he licks
my outer lips. I say yes, and he tells me those are your lips,
your outer lips. Then he sucks on another part and pulls
it with his lips. Lets go and says did you feel that? I say
yes, he says that is your inner lips. He then sticks his tongue
in my vagina and says, could you feel that? I said yeah, and
he says that is your vagina. It didnt really feel like anything
I said. He says, I know...thats why you will like oral sex
better than regular sex. Then he takes his tongue and flicks
my clitoris. He looks at me while hes doing it. He says, can
you feel that? I nod my head rapidly and say yes. He says that
is where the magic is...this is your clit and you have an
amazing clit! I ask him if thats a good thing? He says you
tell me?

And he goes back to flicking his tongue and rubbing it all
over my pussy and specifically my clit. He then puts his
finger or fingers in my pussy. He moans and starts pushing
his hand in and out of me while he is sucking on my clit. Im
getting weak and I lean back flat on the bed. The pleasure
is intense and all of a sudden I feel my pussy start to spasm.
OH MY GOD! I have never felt this way before. Hes laughing
and kinda grunting at the same time. Im covered with goosebumps.
It felt like I was going to pee in his mouth for a second but
then I started to spasm. And finally it stops. Im breathing
so hard and my eyes are closed. I open my eyes and he is standing
up and hes got a raging hard on. His face is still wet and he
takes both his hands and wipes them off. Says to me, look
what you did to me. I start to apologize and he says, "no
this is great, this is how its supposed to be". He gets
on the bed and leans into me with his hard on. I can feel it
in my side. I say I want to have sex with you. He says, no. This
is a good start. Did you enjoy it? Did it feel good? Im nodding
and I say yes. He says you look so incredible right now, I
could eat you all day. Then he kisses me and says that he is
going to get me a present and that he will give it to me on Monday.
So he kisses me and starts rubbing against me. I ask him if
I can touch it. He says no. Then he says, okay but just thru
the shorts. So I start rubbing the hardness of his cock and
then after about a minute and a half, he says he has to use
the bathroom. So I tell him where it is and he goes. I quickly
put on my shorts and run downstairs to the other bathroom
myself. When I come out of the bathroom and start making
my way up the stairs, he is coming out but his hardness is

gone. I dont know what happened but he says that he really
needs to go.

So I walk back downstairs with him and lead him to the door.
He goes to his car and comes back with my bandage. He motions
me to sit on the sofa and he wraps my knee. We say our good bye's
and he gives me a little peck kiss and says he will see me Monday
and not to forget, Im getting a present!