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Joan Part 5

2023-01-11 01:55:39

My wife Joan has been traveling with me on business trips. While I'm working, Joan scouts for sexual adventures for us.

My next business trip was to Cancun Mexico. Cancun offers many different experiences. There's a wild spring break scene, fine all-inclusive resorts, nude beach resorts and many fine restaurants.

My business was at an all-inclusive resort called Baja. The resort was on the ocean and had a private beach. Joan had bought another extreme micro bikini. It's difficult to describe. The bikini bottom consisted of three strings. Two strings went outside the labia and the middle string went straight down into her cunt lips. She was completely exposed and she loved it. Joan keeps her pubes smooth and shaved. I told her she needed suntan lotion on her mound.

She said, "Maybe I'll have the Cabana boy put it on.

I spent the next few days working.

Joan spent most of her time at the beach or pool. Joan loved her bikini. She told me about the men who would situate themselves so they would have a direct view of her mound. When she saw them she would casually spread her legs and pull the middle string deeper into her cunt. She spent a great deal of time rubbing suntan lotion on her cunt. It got wet from all the excitement. A few times she got so excited she would go to our room and finger herself to an orgasm. Joan had to wash the bikini every night. It was pungent from her excitement. At dinner she would tell me all the naughty things she did during the day.

One day she went shopping in Cancun. She wanted to buy a Mexican peasant dress. The dresses are very colorful with scoop necks and crochet designs. Joan told the woman she wanted an extreme scoop and a very short hem. The woman said, "No problem", come back in an hour. Joan shopped some more then went back to the dress shop.

The dress was beautiful. It was bright red with lace on the sleeves and an extreme scoop neck. The scoop came down to Joan's areola and the hem was high on her thighs. The sales lady looked scandalized when she saw it on Joan. Joan smiled and paid.

My business ended and the rest of the business crowd flew home. Joan and I stayed.

We decided to go to a local Cantina for dinner and fun. The place was near the resort and we walked to it. We got there a little after 8. The room was smoky and dark. It had a bar, dance floor and dining tables. There was Mariachi music playing. Joan had her new dress on and nothing else but shoes.

We sat at the bar to wait for our table. We were served corn chips and salsa while we waited. The salsa was very hot and made us sweat. Joan would wipe the sweat from her chest, pulling the scoop neck further down. Sitting on a barstool let Joan discretely flash her bare mound at will. When the bartender took our drink orders, Joan bent over as if to hear him better. He got an eyeful of her tits.

There was a dancer with castanets who was twirling around, her dress rose with every twirl. The dancer on the floor was joined by a Gaucho. He was dressed in all black, with a Bolero Jacket and skin tight pants that flared at the ankles. The castanets clicked, the music got louder and the dancers got more erotic. The Gaucho would take his partner and bend her over between his legs and press her into him. I could almost hear Joan's scheming erotic mind.

When the dance was over there was a lot of applause led by Joan. The Gaucho held out his hand to Joan. She walked towards him, her hips swaying and took his hand. The music started and Joan was snapping her fingers to the music. When Joan twirled her dress flew up and she was exposed to the room. The Gaucho pulled Joan to him and bent her back. One of Joan's hands brushed the Gaucho's bulge.

Suddenly the lights went out. There was some shouting and then the lights went back on. Joan and the Gaucho were gone.

I looked around for them and finally found them in a studio apartment in the back of the Cantina. The Gaucho was finger fucking Joan against the wall. She was glowing with lust. I could hear her wetness and smell her juices. Her dress was on the floor. There were hickey marks on her breasts. Joan was moaning and grinding on his hand. She saw me and groaned.

She whispered to me, "I had to have him."

The Gaucho looked over his shoulder and saw me.

I said, "The lady needs to be fucked."

There was a large bed in the room. He led Joan to the bed and knelt down and sucked and licked her cunt. He stood up and pulled his pants down. His cock was enormous. The head was bright red and the veins on his shaft were pulsing. Joan was humping her mound at him and groaning, "Put it in me."

He rubbed his cock along her wet slit and teased her with it. He slowly put his cock in her, the velvety head then the shaft. His cock spread Joan's cunt lips and suctioned her inner lips every he pulled back. Joan's cunt was frothing with juices and there was cream all along his shaft.

The door to the room opened and his dance partner walked in. When she saw what was going on she pulled her clothes off. She was beautiful, small firm breasts, slim hips, shaved pubes and a firm high ass. She walked over to the bed and started licking Joan's nipples while the Gaucho fucked Joan. She gave Joan a hot open mouthed kiss, their tongues darting back and forth. She skimmed her hands all over Joan's body.

The Gaucho grunted and pushed deeply into Joan.

Joan started her dirty talk. "Unhhh, Unhhhh, all of it, lick my ass, do dirty things to me, Ahhh."

The Gaucho kept fucking Joan. His cock thrusting in and out of Joan.

My eyes were focused on where they were joined.

The dancer started fingering herself and kept sucking Joan's nipples.

I took my cock out and started stroking it.

Joan was beside herself with wanton lust, grunting and groaning. She stuck her finger in the Gaucho's ass. He stuck his finger in Joan's ass while still franticly fucking her. He pushed in hard and his pubic bone ground into Joan. The room smelled of cunt and sweat.

The dancer hugged me from the back. Her body was hot and flush. She reached around me, took my cock and said, "Let me do that for you." I turned around and started finger fucking her. She was wet and tight. I put her on the bed beside Joan. My cock glided into her. It felt like a warm velvet glove had grabbed my cock. I moaned. She and Joan looked at each other and kissed again.

Joan started more dirty talk. "Fuck her Dick, fffuck, ffffuck."

We were all on overload. I pulled out of the dancer and stroked myself until I came on all of them. The dancer fingered herself to an explosive orgasm. The Gaucho tensed up and filled Joan with his cum. Joan went into spasms and screamed. "Ahhh, cum, cum, cum, fuuuuck."

We were all quiet for a moment, enjoying the incredible sex we just had. I pulled Joan's sticky body to me and held her while she was still quivering with her orgasm.

We all slowly gathered our clothes. Joan and I walked back to the resort happy.