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Marking - An unexpected fetish - Part 2

2023-01-21 01:34:14


RECAP - with spoilers


If you want to understand the mindset, path and struggles we went through in order to begin engaging in water-sports, then read Part-1. If you'd rather skip it, here's a brief recap

I had asked Cindy to try what should have been a simple task, pee on my cock while in the shower. I wanted her to do this in hopes she'd graduate to being able to pee as I fucked her, thus simulating an experience I'd had with a girl that could squirt. What we found is that despite her best efforts, she couldn't pee in front of me, much less on me.

Not willing to accept defeat, Cindy began sending me videos of her on the toilet peeing, in hopes of making the act less "private". When that didn't work I had her sit on a shower-chair, which had a hole in the middle. Not able to fit my body between the legs of the chair, so she could pee on my cock, eventually I positioned my face under it. Now that Cindy was sitting down, she was finally able to pee. To my surprise, the experience of her peeing on my face left me feeling both submissive and turned on. My response to the encounter was to fuck her hard, right there in the shower, and then cum on her face, as retribution for what she'd done to mine.




After the success with the chair, things became much easier for Cindy. She had proven to herself that she could not only pee around me, but was able to quite literally, pee "on" me.   Her morning shower pees continued, but I also told her to start touching herself before and after she peed, so she could get use to peeing while aroused.

Cindy found that soon she no longer needed the chair to pee. I found that her peeing on me, from so far above, made what she did feel more like a dominate act. Having her be in a dominate position over me, literally, hadn't been the goal for either of us nor was it something we were use to happening. For better or worse we were setting things in motion we were too blind to see coming.

Soon we were standing in the shower and she'd pee on my cock with ease. We repeatedly tried to have her pee while I fucked her, but we never made it happen.  Ultimately we decided anatomy was to blame as my hard cock applied pressure to, and blocked her ability to pee.  We found that if I pulled out most of the way she could pee. but by the time we reached this revelation, the initial fantasy mindset of her "squirting" as I fucked her was mostly a distance memory.

Despite our successes, Cindy never really got into the idea of peeing on me, especially my face. Yes, it was taboo and it normally ended with me fucking her hard right there in the tub, but the act itself did nothing for her.

For my part, I downplayed my reaction and enjoyment of her peeing on me, but she knew there was more to my urging to visit the shower than a desire to let her practice. The truth was, whether I had wanted it or not, the fact her first time peeing was on my face, that had helped cement the act as one of dominance on her part and there was a part of me that not only liked it, but wanted her in that role.

Even though our relationship was primarily one of me in the dominant role and her the willing submissive, with this act, I didn't feel dominate. I felt out of control and at her whim.  After all, how could you be in charge when someone pissed not only on you, but on your face?  I not only liked being in charge, I was almost militant about never being out of control. Yet, each time she peed on me, especially if it was on my face, a submissive mindset overtook me and that mindset always made me harder, no matter how aroused I'd been moments before. In the moments leading up to, during and right after she peed on me, I felt like there wasn't anything she could ask or desire that I wouldn't do.  

The funny thing was, once her act of dominance was over, I would almost over-compensate for how she'd made me feel by becoming excessively dominate in return. It's true that I enjoyed being "forced" to submit to her in such a taboo act, but I also liked how raw things felt when I took control back and just fucked her hard and without regard to her need.

I wasn't alone in my enjoyment of this. Cindy still didn't care for the act or peeing on any part of me and she primarily did so at my request, but she loved my aggression and forcefulness that always followed. She felt used and owned when I took her like that, and that was something she could get use to.

It was her admission of feeling used and owned as I fucked her that became the final key and turning point in both of our journeys.




Through all of this, we never, and I mean "never", talked about any aspect of her "homework" or our bathtub activities in terms of "pee" or "piss".  The terminology was always things like "needing to go", "while in the bathroom", "relieving yourself"  or some other phrasing which explained what we meant without the potentially degrading words of "pee" or "piss".  Degradation is one of the few things that Cindy had no interest in. She didn't want to be degraded and she wouldn't degrade someone else so our taboo activities were only mentioned in veiled references and in code.

Despite our indirect language, Cindy still saw the possibility of what we did as degrading. It was a fine line we walked and only my hard cock and forceful fucking afterwards kept it from being something she couldn't tolerate. When left to her choice, she preferred to pee on my cock, instead of my face, as my face was a hair's width from degrading me and she'd never shaken that feeling.

Our turning point came when I heard her describe herself as feeling used and owned, when I fucked her once she was done. Something in her phrasing signaled a new approach, one that would use new terminology and a different mindset. 

The next time we teased and played with each other I waited for Cindy to be nearly mindlessly aroused before I said, "I want you to mark me"

"What?"  she asked confused. "What kind or mark?"

I chuckled at her misunderstanding of my vague comment, then I explained. "You know that virtually every animal in the wild, and even our own pets, often show what belongs to them by marking it."

She listened, but didn't understand yet so she replied, "Yeah. A lot of animals do that I guess"

I offered her another hint to help lead her to the answer on her own by asking, "But what do they do? How do they show what is theirs? How do they let other animals know what they own or where their territory is?"

It took only a moment before I saw realization form.  "They mark it", she replied.

I noticed she'd chosen the phrase "they mark it" instead of "they pee on it", thus continuing to avoid the potentially degrading word. I looked back to her as I said "You're right, they mark their territory. And if you see me as yours, then you can mark me"

Comprehension continued to flow through her as I placed a new spin on what we had been doing all this time.  She cautiously asked, "What would I mark?"

I was glad to see she was giving this new perspective serious thought. I wanted everything that happened to be her choice, in hopes she might accept it better so I replied, "That depends. Are there parts of me you'd like to claim for your own? Is there something that you want to mark as yours, and yours alone?"

She didn't speak loudly as she said, "Your cock"

I waited, but hearing nothing else I followed up, "Anything else?"

Still quiet she replied, "Your body"

I gave her a moment to see if that was everything. I soon became glad I had waited as I saw the hesitation sweep across her face right before she added "Your mouth"

I kept a serious look on my face as I asked the important question, "Does marking me appeal to you?"

She nodded her head as she said, "Actually it does. I like the idea of marking you as mine."  She waited a moment before vocalizing the scenario playing out in her head. "If I mark you, I want you to mark me, with your cum. "

I had thought about my cum being a way to mark her too, so I was glad she'd brought herself to the same conclusion so quickly. 

She didn't wait for my reply because she already knew what it'd be. Instead, she stood up and reached her hand out.  We both stood and quietly walked to the bathroom. We both understood where we were going and why, but this was different because it was the first time she'd taken this much initiative.

She started the water warming up, and as we waited, she gently pushed my face down between her legs.  Leaning in I found her pussy wet, and I knew it wasn't just because of our teasing in the bed earlier. She held me in place as I ate her, and I wasn't sure if she was doing this to elevate her mood to make this easier, or whether it was because she was showing that she could take what she wanted from me, since I was owned.

Stopping me right before she came, she shut the water off and stepped in the tub. Once again she pushed me down between her legs.  Being in the shower, I sat in my usual position between her legs, and I continued to devour her pussy. Once more she stopped me close to reaching her own orgasm.  She leaned back slightly so she could look down at me.  Her voice was tainted with desire when she gave a clear command, "Stroke your cock. I want to see you hard when I mark you".

It took no effort for my cock to spring fully to life.  I pressed my face between her legs again and after only a few moments she pulled my head back slightly and away from her pussy.  I looked up at her as she breathed hard as I still stroked my cock. I knew her orgasm was only a breath away and she was obviously holding back. It wasn't a request, it was just statement of what would happen, as she said.  "Keep stroking your cock. I like seeing you hard. I like knowing you're stroking it as you think about what's about to happen"

My own arousal intensified as I heard her talk like this.  I looked up, her pussy inches from my face.  "Oh, what's about to happen?" I asked, curious as to what she'd say.

Her breathing remained labored as she tried to hold her need at bay. With confidence she said "I'm going to mark you"

She went silent for a moment and then she spoke again.  I wasn't sure if she was talking to me or herself as I heard her say, "You're mine".

Within a second of hearing those last two words, the first drops hit the floor of the tub between my legs.  A moment later a river erupted and I felt her marking my body. I only had to shift slightly and suddenly I felt her warm liquid spraying down onto my cock as my hand continued to stroke it. After another few seconds and I once again heard her say "You're mine", and this time her tone couldn't hide her arousal. Her hips then shifted only inches, but that small movement pressed her pussy to my face.

I kept my mouth closed as she marked me for the first time and before I knew it, the torrent was over.  

As the final drops hit the tub I leaned back slightly to catch my breath better. In response she reached her hand behind my head and pulled me forward again. "Make me cum" she said. It wasn't a request, it wasn't even a statement. It was a command she obviously expected to be followed without question or delay.

As I started licking her pussy, I stopped stroking my cock, tasting her arousal on a pussy literally dripping with her pee. She breathed harder as her orgasm quickly built and she must have looked down at some point because she said "Keep stroking"

She was too close to cumming to elaborate, but I knew what she really meant. She wanted to make sure I was hard so there'd be no delay in me fucking and marking her once she came. She was turned on and wanted me in her, but not until she'd gotten off first.

It didn't take long before she was holding my head to her pussy as she came on my face.  Instead of letting go or stepping back, she spread her legs more and continued to hold my face to her pussy until her body tensed and she came again.  

Her need was far from being fully satiated, but now she gave me the details she'd omitted before.  She turned around and placed her hands on the wall, nearly begging, "Fuck me and mark my pussy. Mark me, make me yours, you own me"

This entire time we were in the bathroom, her more dominate tone, actions and blatant marking of my face and cock had continually pushed me deeper into the submissive mindset. I had found myself further down that road than I was use to experiencing, but she'd now stopped and given up that role. Just like a rubber band that had been pulled tight, I swung back into a dominate position and more controlling than normal.

With her already bent over I leaned in, my cock sliding between her legs.  I reached one hand around and started to rub her clit as I said, "You are mine. All of you and I'll use you however I want."  

Her breathing quickened as my fingers went across her clit but then i shifted my body behind her.  My cock rose higher as I used my free hand to slide it across her ass.  I leaned back slightly because it was my turn to watch what was about to happen. 

My fingers no longer rubbing her clit I asked, "Whose are you?"

Breathlessly she said, "Yours".

"Is there any part of you that isn't mine?"

"No" she gasped

I adjusted my cock until it was situated directly over her asshole.  I spoke in a tone that helped convey my own dominance, as I said, "Then prove it. Show me that you're mine"

She knew exactly what I wanted and she answered me by moving one of her hands between her legs to start rubbing her clit. At the same time, she used her hand and shoulder to push off the wall, thrusting her hips towards me, causing my cock to disappear into her ass.

She cried out in pleasure, mixed with pain, but didn't stop moving until her ass had taken every inch of me.  Satisfied that Cindy had proven her willingness to surrender every part of her body to me, I start thrusting and fucking her ass.  

If I had thought the times I fucked her after she'd peed on my face or cock were intense, then this time would have been called primal. Something about having the mindset that "she's mine" magnified my own feeling of dominance, which translated into the way I fucked her.

If she was mine, then she was mine to do as I wanted. If she was mine then she was there for any desire I had. If she was mine, she was there for my cock to use. If she was mine, then I would mark her with my cum.  

I lost all sense of restraint as I fucked her ass, probably too hard. Fortunately for her, I was too turned on and already too close to cumming when her ass swallowed me that it didn't take long for me to mark the inside of her ass.

Despite the shortened fuck, she came as I slammed into her ass. Then, true to form, she came again once I started filling her ass with my own hot fluid.

Having both cum we cleaned off in the shower, both more exhausted than usual.




The events of that day were far from a one time thing.  She'd finally found a way to think about what we did in a way that made our shower activities ok. The thing is, it was more than "just ok", she actually liked it. She especially liked hearing herself say "You're mine" just before she marked me. Something had happened inside of her when she decided she "wanted" to mark me as her own, and now she was nearly addicted to it.

During her third or fourth time marking me, I was seated between her legs, stroking my cock, just like I had the first time. She watched me masturbating to the act of her marking both my face and cock. It was then that I paid her the highest compliment I could have.

Without thought or planning, I lost control and I came as I was being marked. As I felt myself lose control, unable to stop my own orgasm, I felt very owned.  If there'd been any doubt in her mind as to how I felt about her marking me, my uncontrolled orgasm had removed that doubt.

It didn't upset her that I wouldn't be fucking and marking her back since I'd already came. Instead, it made her want to mark me more. She had found a new way to make me cum, and my need had been so strong that I couldn't stop myself. She understood that it wasn't just the act itself, as she had "marked" me many times before we adopted the word "marking". What had caused me to lose control was a mixture of the act, the feeling of being owned and her genuine desire to mark me as owned.

Since we'd been together she searched for the key to making me feel as good as I made her feel. She sometimes battled with feelings of inadequacy and fears that I'd become bored with her. She didn't see how she could ever compete with what I did since guys simply can't cum as hard and often as I made her. But now, she'd made me lose control, without ever touching me. This finally helped her begin understand the key to my pleasure.

It wasn't the act of marking that had made me cum, it was embracing it.

She slowly began to understand that if she would give herself over completely to the things we did, then I'd sense it. I'd notice the difference and the purity of her need, desire and wants would be something I wouldn't able to get enough of. If she wanted me to be just as addicted to her as she was to me, then it wouldn't occur by finding some magical thing she could say, do or bring me. Instead, I could become ensnared through her willingness to embrace everything we explored.

After I came from marking alone, she stopped waiting for me to ask or bring it up. It became common place for us to be in bed, on the couch or anywhere really, and she'd stand up, hold out her hand and walk to the bathroom.  As this happened more, the submissive mindset I entered into faded. We both came to terms with the fact she could enjoy marking, I could enjoy being marked, just as we could both enjoy owning and being owned, using and being used.

However, as she accepted the fact she "owned" me, and that I was "hers", other changes began creeping in.

At times, when she marked me, she'd utter the words "swallow", and I would.  Other times we might be in a park or some easy to clean location and she'd mark me as I licked her pussy.  During those times she didn't always provide a heads up or warning before she marked me. Knowing that she owned me, if the thought of marking me crossed her mind, she would. She could do this whether I was between her legs as she laid on her back, if she was standing in front of me, or if she was sitting on my face. Marking me, without warning, was a reminder that I was owned and she was willing to use what she owned, how and when she wanted.

This new mindset was only the beginning as she grew to understand that owning extended beyond marking. Eventually she would realize that the best way to let me know that her body was mine, without restriction or limit, was to treat my body that way. However, the more she acted on her own, doing what she wanted, when she wanted, the more things between us began to change.

Ever since we met we had Dom/Sub relationship, coated in friendship and topped with respect, but the Dom/Sub boundaries would soon be challenged, causing them to dissolve as something new formed between us.

I will end by saying that, as much as I enjoyed the water-sports component of our relationship, and as much as I sometimes long to go down that road again, I've never asked or hinted about water-sports with anyone else. It's too hard for me to see water-sports as anything other than "marking" and "being marked" now. It doesn't feel right to just go through the motions with someone who would see it only as pissing when I know, and have felt, it as something much more primal and possessive.  For this reason, if Cindy and I ever cross paths again, high on my list will be to sit between her legs with my cock in my hands as I wait to be marked as hers. I don't think it'll matter whom I, or she, may be with at that time, for each of us, the words "you're mine" can only be said to one other person, during a very specific act.

Wherever you are Cindy.....You're mine.