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My Best studies ever_(1)

2022-07-05 00:00:04

I had to admit that this day is going a lot better that I could have dreamed; my parents were out of town for the next couple of weeks on business and they entrusted me to stay at home by myself. Having turned the ‘big eighteen’ a few weeks back this marked a big day for me, to have a taste of freedom for the first time ever, and yet they somehow seemed to know what would happen, or probably happen, while they were gone; my dad sat me down and explained some simple rules:

“Benjamin, if you do have company over while we are gone the basic thing is – clean up all your messes, there is to be no booze at all, and no major parties – do not upset the neighbors at all; we are trusting you on this so do not abuse it in the least while we are gone.”

After that, as always he scuffs up my hair while mother fusses and frets about how it makes me look like a shaggy dog. I know they mean well, it’s just at time it gets annoying. Then again they’re my parents, so it could be much, much worse.

This afternoon I had talked my friend Samantha, who also has turned eighteen a week ago, into coming over for our usual studies instead of her place as was our custom; her parents knew my folks were gone and told her ‘you can trust him; he’s a very good boy.” I just wanted to roll my eyes and grin; they talked like I was a dog or something instead of another human being.

Samantha’s wide grin and giggles showed the same thoughts went on behind those wonderful brown eyes that danced with such mischief.

What a sight we must have made in our school uniforms – me in tan shirt and khaki pants, tie and vest, polished black dress shoes that kill the feet within two minutes; she though looked radiant in her uniform, the same outfit as mine – the school not allowing girls to wear skirts or gowns of any kind. Her shirt and vest hid away most of the wonderful form I imagined was underneath; not that it matters as I know that I never will see it.

What I personally admired in her is the constant sunshine smile, her amber eyes and short, bouncing brown hair that just reflects the sunlight perfectly.

Two hours of study time came and went, algebra, basic chemistry, and advanced honors English – the class in which I met Samantha. During the break we were taking I went to make some sandwiches and grab us a couple of sodas; she had gotten a phone call from her mother, and I just ignored the conversation, figuring it to be their business and no one else’s.

At the least until I caught one part “…are you sure it’s okay for me to stay over mom? I mean, we have those tests in a couple of days and I want to make sure we get the study time in…yes mother I know that he is a ‘very good boy who does nothing wrong.’ Mother he is not a dog, he is a human and my friend…yes…yes…so I can stay the night then? Okay!”

She gave the ‘V’ for Victory sign and a coy smile that added to the impish glimmer in her eyes; though what she was planning I had no idea; though somehow ‘studying’ seemed to be among the last things on her mind.

Now I have to admit, there are certain looks men receive from women that seen to trigger responses in the DNA we have (the guys that is). Many a time my mother would give me or my dad, or both of us, the ‘your in the dog house’ look when we may have messed up.

Right now the look she continued to give me as she shut her cell phone filled me with a mixture of dread, doom, despair, guilt, and amazingly a eager anticipation. In short, just the kind of feeling any lady can generate in a man instantly.

Now I have to admit, tuna fish sandwiches and soda are not the most ‘magical’ of meals for our studies, yet if that is what we were going to do, then dinner would have to suffice. Besides, as lousy a cook I am anything beyond tuna or microwave dinners is beyond anything than a major miracle.

I finally got the nerve up to look at her and ask “what part of health class do you need help with? I mean, you have the class down pat, and I’m just squeaking by. If anything you should be the one to help me with it.”

Seeing her on the other side of the kitchen table where we were studying at kind of made my heart begin to race and my mind to shut down; one hand propped up under her chin, the other moved to begin stroking and playing about in my hair.

“Okay,” her voice turned silky and filled with a hidden meaning I obviously failed to get, “we can do that then, the part we do need to work on though…” her fingers moved to caress my ear, then my brows one at a time before moving down to the end of my nose.

She leaned over the table to bring her face closer to mine, and for the first time I began to smell the perfume she wore, a heady combination that made my heart race faster and my blood to begin to catch on fire. The rest of my brain just issues one massive gulp after another as her lips ever so softly pressed onto mine. That sent me into a soaring fire up into the heavens, bells ringing and intense wonderment sweeping over my body.

“…what we need to…” another kiss came, just a bit more intense, and I could feel her warm breath upon my skin; right now I felt like bolting as a rabbit does before a pack of wolves.

“….work on…” the third kiss came and went; her eyes just sparkled in a special way, the light catching a look of pure wildness within their depths.

“…is our sexual studies, we need to get them well mastered for our exams coming up.”

My brain just screamed that this has to be a dream or some kind of bazaar joke before I would wind up being executed by my or her parents. I just pictured my father in a judge’s robe, gavel coming down ‘now you shall be shot dead for daring to kiss a girl…’

This just had to be a joke.

“Please don’t tease me, this is a joke right? I mean it has to be a joke?”

“No, this is certainly not a joke; we need to get our skills perfected.”

She came around the table, pulling me out of my chair to stand before her. I just felt like a slab of meat being examined by a butcher who was selecting the best cuts to prepare. I went into a massive series of gulps, so utterly terrified that I thought my beating heart could be heard for miles.

After just rolling her eyes heavenward she started to unbutton my vest, one by one her fingers moved with skill and experience; of course considering we had the same style of vest on that would make sense. Then she undid my tie and playfully put it between her teeth as she stepped back a bit from me.

I have to admit she looked wonderful.

Her next move was to come back to me and begin to swirl her fingers in a snaking pattern over my shirt, teasing and tantalizing each spot in turn. Then she instructed me to take off my shoes. It took a long time to get them off as my hands were shaking so bad, I even forgot to set down and nearly fell over while getting the things off of my feet.

Then as she swayed her body back and forth so sensuously I almost erupted in flames, she undid my shirt. As she pulled it off and casually dropped it to the floor, I just could envision the disappointment she must have with the sight of an ordinary guy like me. No rippled six-pack abs, no rippling muscles, just ‘ordinary.’

“You know I just realized something here,” she looked shocked, as if making a major discovery, “I have a few too many cloths on, so for me to be even with you I need to remove four items and my shoes are already off.”

She started dancing to a silent song, swaying her body back and forth as bit by bit she took off her tie, vest and finally her shirt. I almost freaked again as the fabric slid away from her chest and revealed to me that white bra which enshrined her petite breasts like a second skin.

Walking back up to me she took hold of my head in her hands and began to kiss me once again; finally she had to stop and look down at my one leg twitching so bad in nervousness the fabric of my pants was making noise as it flapped about. “It’s alright Benjamin; you don’t need to be nervous around me.”

“Now then,” she backed up and put her hands behind her, “I still have to take off one more item to be even with you…”

A look of consternation came over her face as I could see her struggling with getting her bra undone. Finally she just turned around and backed up to me. “Unhook the blasted thing for me, just don’t break it.”

It took every ounce of my concentration to stop shaking so bad to get them undone. When I did her hands came up and covered her breasts along with the bra. Turning back around, she smiled and motioned with one finger to watch closely, teasingly running her finger back and forth just above the fabric of her bra.

Then with a move of her arm, she let it fall away…

Oh my heavens above!

My body felt like it was on fire being so close to her, and I could feel the first true rising of my manhood ever; all I could think of was the way her tanned skin glimmered under the kitchen light, the playful look in her eyes showed a fire of pure lust within them, as that of a wolf who has cornered her prey and knows this is end game.

Those bared breasts, small and wonderful indeed, the first real ones I have ever seen. The world seemed to cave in around me, my eyes just remained fixated upon them.

Oh my heavens above!

Step by step she undressed me and herself, letting me teasingly see each portion of her body – breasts, thighs, and shapely legs.

When she slid down my drawers I was absolutely terrified, waiting some comment or laughter that would come from how small of size and such I am. Nothing like that happened, just her teasingly tapping her finger on it, causing it to spring up and down some with each little whack.

I still cannot believe this is actually happening to me. Then watching her slowly ease down her panties, one teasing finger-width at a time just showed me how little about women I really understood; here she was, a wonder of nature wanting to have sex, and me clueless as to what to really do at all…then something unexpected happened, she turned around and bent over, sliding her panties down the rest of the way, all the while letting me see her vagina. I felt like I was about to faint, my head was spinning, while old heart was thumping so fast the whole house must be shaking as in an earthquake.

When she looked back over her shoulder she just giggled softly, teasingly, apparently having done this just to get such a reaction from me. Now the building blush on my face must have turned so red that I was glowing like a signal light; I just stammered and stared. I have wanted to see a girl’s womanhood for real, for so long and dreamed of what it would be like…and now I am on the edge of fleeing in pure panic!

She came to stand in front of me again, one hand behind her back while the other caressed again along my chest and arms, then over my shoulders and neck. “Benjamin, aren’t you going to say anything or just stare with your mouth hanging open?”

“Uh, uh, uh…” oh man, how big of an utter idiot I was making myself into, “…you’re beautiful indeed…”

She came next to me, turning about and began stroking my body with her own, and taking hold of my hands, to wrap them about her body as she continued her dance. Reaching behind her she encompassed arms around my neck, drawing me down closer to her. “Now Benjamin, just gently – very gently mind you – kiss me on the neck a couple of times.”

I did as she instructed, the salty taste of her skin enticing and heady; while the sight of her pert breasts, nipples flush and erect excited me as much as her body swirling in contact with mine. Never have I experienced any emotions like this, and it scared me. I wanted to do everything just right, and yet I knew I would not be able to with this divine vixen of a goddess here in front of me.

“Benjamin, it’s alright, we just take it one step at a time tonight.” Her one hand came to encompass mine, and she slid it up her body, from abdomen to her breast and gently cupped it over its size. “Now,” she told me, “just gently stroke it, don’t squeeze as that hurts too much from most guys. Just feel it and let it happen.”

Tentatively I began feeling it, the firm texture of skin that also is as yielding as the bread dough my mom makes into loaves; feeling and hearing her get turned on slightly as my hand touches her here and there, apparently I found some spot she likes to have that happen, is even more heady for the experience. I guess there are some things, even by accidental discovery; I may be able to do okay.

Out of curiosity I moved my hand to her other breast, just stroking it in soft circles with the palm of my hand and the fingertips as I had read about in one of those adult magazines my dad has “hidden from mom.” My own manhood felt like it was about to burst, each swaying motion building me higher and higher towards the point of detonation; my brain has already long past the stage of terminal fusion and birth of a new star in the heavens.

When she turned back about to face me, her smile was incredible; it just seemed like a magic was there between us at this time. “Come on Benjamin,” she softly whispered into my ear, “let’s get over to the couch.”

Burning from top to bottom of my body, smiling wildly, I went along with her to set down on the couch. As she stood next to the couch, I was told to lay back and get comfortable. “Just let me show you what to do, I know this is your first time Ben, so just relax and enjoy it.”

Once I got comfortable she climbed on top of me, straddling my length and putting her hands behind my neck, softly kissing me on the lips and cheek. Her pelvis gently rolled and swayed along my skin, driving me more and more into the heavens until I thought I would lose it then and there. I guess she sensed how close to the edge I was, for she reached down with one hand and took hold of my manhood, then gently guided herself down on the tip. When she eased down over its length, I felt incredible and somewhat guilty at the same time; crazy I know yet here I was finally making love with a woman.

Once she had me fully inside, and as small as I am that was easy enough, she started swirling her hips, pumping gently up and down; soon enough her eyes glazed over to become half dreamy, breathing deepened and became raspy with these cute little mouse-like sounds being emitted. My body felt like molten metal smelted in the forge, nothing mattered beyond her and me, the here and the now.

Before even a minute had passed I suddenly came inside of her, the sensation feeling like a blast of dynamite unleashed. I had cum and she had not even gotten worked up, now I know just how complete of a failure I truly am.

Her smile told me otherwise. She explained to me later that not all girls “howl to the moon when they have their climax hit. Now I did not have it with you this time true, we will get there in time. Now then, lets grab a shower and get back to some studying; mom said I can stay over tonight as you are ‘such a good boy’ and ‘could not harm a fly.’ So, we’re going to study sex tonight, in your bed and anywhere else we can; plus as much as possible for as long as your parents are gone.”

True to style of the way things go Samantha wound up getting a phone call just as we headed for the shower. She told me to go ahead and start getting cleaned up and she will join me there soon enough; her smile, the glimmer in her eyes and the way she playfully thumped my chest let me know again what she has planned for us the rest of the night.

It still seems like a dream that only a bit ago the two of us were making love on the couch; and I have to keep telling myself this is for real, she is for real, and it is going to happen again. I just keep hoping I don’t wind up disappointing her completely. I mean, even though I have finally ‘done it with a girl’ the simple thought of it still makes me nervous, my whole body trembling at the thought of her wondrous body next to mine again.

“Make sure the water is as hot as you can stand!” she called back to me while on the phone. Even over the water cascading into the shower I could hear some of what Samantha was saying to her caller. “…oh fine…yes I am here… (Mumbling)…yes… (Giggles)…oh yes its still on with…okay, bye.”

Steam was rising up from the water as I adjusted it to the temperature I like; in the fogging mirror I caught the image of Samantha coming in, her smile seems to have grown even bigger than before the phone call. All I could think of was that something else was in store for me tonight; and knowing her, it may be insanity of the highest order. Nothing made much sense right now to me.

“Oh Benjamin,” her voice was sassy and alluring in one, “I want to show you something…”

What I saw almost caused me to fall back into the shower. She was standing in such a sexy pose, one leg back behind the other, hips turned just slightly to the side and her hands back behind her head, hair flowing over them. Lips pursed into a pucker, she playfully made smooching sounds in my direction, teasingly blinking her eyes like some Hollywood starlet.

Putting her hands on her hips, head lowered and maintaining a coy look on her face, she sauntered on over to me; how she could sway those hips, bounce her chest, and keep her balance as she moved I have no idea. I just knew my jaw was hanging open and my heart felt like it was about to explode from the wild feelings she was causing to flow in my body and mind.

Sweeping me up in a hug, she placed her lips onto mine, sending my brain into overdrive and my body into untamable lust. Right now I just wanted to bolt again, unsure as before we first did it tonight. She then guided me into the shower, remaining close enough that the water was flowing over the both of our bodies. I almost missed the question she asked, the blood thundering in my ears so bad that I could not understand her clearly.

“Benjamin,” she said, giggling lightly, “listen don’t worry, its like everything we will do; one step at a time and right now I want to get washed up so we can have more fun,” her face suddenly took on a severe pout, “I mean, I assume you want to have more fun with me…”

I just nodded yes as her fingers ran over my body; she stroked and teased with fingertips over my shoulders, arms and chest, then along my abdomen – then tickling me when she crossed my belly. I started to return the same tickling to her that sent her into a peal of laughter; finally we got to the task of actually getting cleaned up, with me helping lather up her back and sides while she took care of the front. At one point when she leaned forward to rinse her hair in the stream of water I got a good look at her womanhood, causing me to almost fall down.

“Benjamin,” she giggled as she looked back at me, “try to keep from freaking out so much will you; just enjoy the sight and relax some. I mean…your going to be seeing a lot more of it this night and the next few days,” she stood back up and turned to face me, “…and who knows maybe a few others as well…”

“Uh…other…other…” I tried to get past my lips as she drew up to me, the slick lather of soap on the both of us aiding her gyrating dance against my body; the steam rising around us in the shower must have been coming off of my body as it seemed to increase many fold instantly. My manhood began to rise to the occasion once again and brushed up against her skin, I blushed with embarrassment as she just smiled and reached her hand down to run along its length.

“Come on help me get rinsed off,” she reached out to the towel rack and tossed a wash cloth into my hands, while taking one as well. She went to work on me, in total command of the situation while I just felt like I was working on the finest, most delicate, ancient of china worth a king’s ransom that may break at any moment. My hands refused to obey my brain, just shaking at being so near her perfection.

I must be a complete loser in her eyes; for a moment we were tickling each other, and now I am back to being a grade ‘A’ klutz; it’s like nothing is going right, even though nothing is going wrong.

Once again I tried to ask her about what she said earlier about ‘seeing a few others’ when I got to see her down there. All she did was smile, place her finger tips to my lips and gently caress them; then just shake her head side to side telling me she will not answer. Her eyes though danced with the teasing message of a surprise may be heading my way.

So I just let it go and went back to rinsing her off and wiping down her body.

Soon enough she let me start to feel her body with my hands, telling me where to touch her. “Now then Benjamin, remember that every woman is different, some like it rough – not me though – and some prefer gentle, soft touches. Others like a mixture of the two; when you’re not sure of what she likes or does not like, then do the simplest thing and just ask. Most men don’t bother with that. They just want to rut and that’s becomes that. ”

Her hand guided mine down to her inner thigh, holding it firm and allowing me to understand what she meant by a gentle touch. Just seeing the way the touch of mine, even with her guiding it, seemed to please her was an exciting lesson. Her breathing turned slightly shallower, eyes turning dreamy and little shudders up and down her body.

“Samantha how many…I mean…how many…oh nuts…” I just could not get the question out of my mouth, yet she seems to know what I was trying to ask. I figured she was going to slap me or something, I mean that is not a question that should ever be asked, yet I had and now would catch Hades for it.

“Benjamin you little cad,” she giggled and playfully smacked my chest, “I wound up going for a roll in the barn with my cousin last summer, I have other means of practicing than just the couple of times with him.”

When I asked what she meant by ‘other means of practice’ she covered her dropping jaw with her hands, a real embarrassing blush coming over her face. Okay, now I definitely know something to never ask about again. I said such to her and apologized. She just gave a nervous giggle and shyly turned away; for some reason that made me feel happy, not for the embarrassment of the question, just seeing her look so cute.

“Come on lets get out and dried off, I feel like I’m becoming a prune,” she said.

Drying off I went to my room and got into some comfortable clothing – t-shirt and khaki shorts while bringing her a robe to replace the all too short she had wrapped herself in. I have to admit, I did enjoy helping her dry her hair out with a towel, and she sat on a cushion on the floor while I was on the couch. Looking out the window I could see that evening was encroaching on us, though it didn’t matter since her mom said she could stay over.

“So what time do you have to be home tomorrow,” I asked her, just wanting to make sure there would be no complications with her mom. My parent’s explicit instructions to cause no problems with the neighbors coming back in force; and I did not want Samantha to get in any trouble either. Of course, just thinking of the freak show her mom would do if she knew what we were doing brought a grin to my face.

“Actually Benjamin, mom had a talk with your parents before they left,” I just stopped all activity as my worst nightmares were flashing before my life. Most of them went along the lines of my dad proclaiming “you have a choice – swing from a rope until dead or being boiled in oil…”

“Oh boy…what now…” was all I could get out.

“Shish Benjamin you freak out way too easily,” she said while rolling her eyes heavenward, “they said I was welcome to come over and stay any evening while they were away; as they ‘trust you completely to follow the rules,’ and they explained them to me as well – no booze, no major parties, and no disturbing the neighbors, so I asked if three or four friends together would be too large of a group. Your dad just smiled and said no problem, as long as we kept things quiet for the neighbors.”

“My dad said that?” I was stunned by the news. I never figured dad would let that ever occur.

“Yes he did, word for word, I think he figured what would happen; with my mom, since I am 18 now, she just wants me to keep in touch each day I stay here. So for the matter, between school and anything else that comes up, I want to stay with you for as long as I can.”

She climbed up on the couch next to me, her robe open enough for her breast to be visible; moving her lips next to my cheek, I could feel each of her warm breaths upon my skin. Her light pecks caused me to go into large, jerking twitches. Putting her finger under my chin, she turned my head to face her, pressing our lips together. I swear that my brain must have exploded as I could not comprehend anything at that moment.

“Besides that call earlier was from Tabatha,” the mention of our older friend, who graduated last year caused me to just gulp again. Once again her voice took on a coy, silky sweet tone as she again gently kissed me on the lips. “She is coming over to stay the night with us as well…she wants to have some fun with you and me…”

“You and me?” my voice cracked like a bullfrog.

“Yes Benjamin,” she said, her fingers twirling around strands of my hair. Two more soft kisses came and enflamed my mind and body. Her caressing of my neck with the other hand was so thrill raising that I gasped and felt my manhood demanding attention.

“Tabatha wants us to have some fun with her, two women and one man – you’re the man of course. You see,” her fingers continued to tease my chest as she put them up under my shirt. “we are going to have a small party here tonight, just you, me and her.”

Finally building up some courage I put my fingers on her leg that crossed my lap. I made every effort to be as gentle in the touching as she showed me earlier. Just little movements at first, nothing too daring or all too adventurous; and I did remember to ask if this is how she likes to be touched.

Her nod and smile was all I needed. At one point she lifted her foot up to run along the side of my one arm and shoulder, slowly working upward to touch my cheek and then back down again. I worked up to the edge of her robe, just short of her inner thigh; then she moved one hand over mine again, to give me another lesson in the ways of female anatomy. With pure nonchalance she eased it down over her womanhood, causing me to all but fall face first to the ground.

Her flesh felt so warm and moist down there, especially where my fingers parted her most private area, bringing a growing smile onto her face. For a few minutes she directed me to move them here and there, then right on one spot or a bit of movement to another, until finally her eyes just closed and she entered into a silent dance of her own body moving around. She kept nibbling on her lower lip, and my fingers kept getting damper from this action.

It finally sunk into my stone dense brain what was happening; and indeed she did not scream at the top of her lungs or other such ways. Just kind of gave a little sigh and shudder downward as she hit her climax. The look on her face of joy and excitement was amazing; then she took my hand up to her mouth and began to lick the juices off of it one finger at a time.

The sight of her doing this, her tongue and lips on each finger and the fires pulsing into my brain sent my foot into a full twitching, shaking mass of nerves. When she moved into my lap, facing me, she pushed her soft lips against mine again many times.

“Sometimes Benjamin you amaze me,” she said gently, “you act bold on occasion and other times like your about to bolt out the door like a scared rabbit. Now Tabatha will be here shortly and I want you relaxed enough to enjoy the party. Don’t worry she understands the rules as well, no booze and no upset neighbors. But this night you get to enjoy the two of us…and have a few other things happen as well…”

“Oh nuts again…like…what…” I just kept stammering with another surprise coming my way.

“It’s that with me,” she whispered into my ear, “in addition to guys I have a fondness for women; while you do me I will be down between her legs having my own fun with her. You’ll get to hear her squeal and giggle, then flex those sweet breasts of hers around as she squirms under my finest of attention,” she licks her lips with her tongue in a swirling motion.

“At the same time,” she moved her lips again next to my cheek, her warm breath burning me with desire, “you get to be inside my pussy again; but to get things going for you really well, I plan to do a special move for you to see between us…ever hear of a sixty-nine?”

All I could do was nod my head, the thought of two women in such a position rendering me mute.

“How does that sound to you?” she teased her fingers down my chest again, then slipped them down my shorts; sending an inferno of bliss into my body at the first touch she gave me on my manhood. “Just imagine the sight of it Benjamin, she on the bottom, licking away on me while I do the same from above; the two of us making the bed bounce or the couch move as we have such fun…then when you join in, I’ll continue and switch at one point with her.”

“So how do you feel about this?”

I just nodded.

“Oh dear…we seem to have a small problem down here with you…” She pulled my shorts far enough down to pull my manhood out of my drawers. She looked it over, teasing it with her fingers and then stroking it up and down the length. Closer and closer she looked it over, until I wondered what the problem was. Finally she got on her hands and knees next to me on the couch, coming very close to it.

“Uh…what’s wrong with it…?” Once again I figured the world would trick me on something and I become the first idiot of humanity big time. I had seen her smile turn to a wicked grin, as she prepared yet another surprise for me.

She took it into her mouth, warm lips teasing the beginning and her tongue swirling about. Moment by moment the flaming desires that now swept up my body made my hands clench into fists around the cushions I was sitting upon. My breath became like that of a bellows for a forge; deeper and deeper as my eyes felt like they are circling around, losing focus, the room spinning round and round.

I felt like she was drawing what remained of my brain out of me; one cell and neuron at a time.

Swinging back into my lap, Samantha took control and guided me into her body; she pumped up and down like there was no tomorrow and again all too soon I hit my peak and came inside of her for the second time that evening.

I just looked at her as my manhood collapsed in on itself; her smile wide and shining in the rooms light. The best I could manage was a sheepish grin; this mixture of embarrassment and wonderment left me confused and dazed. At the least she knew what she is doing and teaching; the thing is though Tabatha will be here soon enough and then I will really have to perform.

Just the thought of that made me want to truly bolt for the door; if Tabatha is as much of a vixen as Samantha then I am truly doomed.

Her squeal of delight at my discomfort drew me back to the real world again.

Samantha laid back on the couch, propped up by her arms and then lifted one shapely leg enough to show me her womanhood; mixed in with the glittering juices was my own cum. I wondered how much of it was inside of her in addition to what I could see.

“Benjamin,” she sounded serious all of a sudden, “do you think you can manage two more times tonight?”

I just had to shrug, for right now I felt like my body and my manhood was completely broken down. How any guy can manage more than once or twice I have no idea at this time; all I felt was like every bit of energy was gone from my body.

“The deal I have with Tabatha is that when we three are together you cum inside of her as much as you do in me; so that means at the least, two times with her. Of course, if you achieve more times in her than with me you have to make up the difference in my pussy as well.”

My head just kept swimming away across the cosmos; the task of this night just keeps getting more and more awesome.

Sam’s phone rang at that point, and the brief conversation that followed left her a bit crestfallen.

“Samantha,” I asked, “what happened?”

“Tabatha can’t make it tonight, she has to work over and will be too tired to join us.” She looked almost ready to pout. Then she just looked at me with one coyer smile.

“I guess it’s just you and me for the evening then, so you have to fill me up twice more for what she would have inside of her…”

Her grin became as that of a wolf with no limit on her appetite; so it’s going to be a long night, and if the worse happens, I can die with a smile on my face.

Studies indeed, the best one could ever have.