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2023-01-12 00:24:53

“Tempting, very tempting, let’s see,” I teased as we kissed passionately. I described this three-way in my story JILLIAN SEDUCES SARAH.

A few weeks later my man is away on business and I am lonely and very horny, I haven’t had sex for more than a week, so I decide to take Jillian up on her offer.

I am Sarah, of French descent, bilingual, fluent in both French and English and as I recently discovered with a little prompting from my man, bi-sexual, though I didn’t need a great deal of prompting. I am to please and be pleased sexually. And I love having a second man every four weeks or so, not mention another woman as a balance for my man – and me. One of our rules is oral sex only, no intercourse, though that does provide many options.

Jillian greets me effusively as I arrive at her beautifully decorated condo in a good part of town. Her friends name is Dee, she is a very attractive bi-sexual lipstick lesbian and as I soon learnt a very talented one. She is around the same age as Jillian and I, mid-forties, with a sexy size 10-12 body.

“I told Dee all about you Sarah and how you like being teased and licked. I especially told her about your glorious ass and how you love it being licked and kissed. I also told her you were multi-orgasmic and your ability to squirt when really aroused. You have a lot to offer us Sarah,” Jillian smiles as I enjoy the seductive night jazz music.

Dee is tall and slender with a bobbed, reddish hairstyle and she exudes sex appeal. “I want to have you and pleasure you Sarah,” she whispers to my delight as she kisses me passionately and I return her kisses. Her tongue is wet and very exciting for me as she swirls it on my tongue. It is even more exciting for me as I enjoy watching a new lady slowly undressing me in the wall mirrors before she slides my skimpy g-string down to my ankles as she slides it over my heels with Jillian watching.

“You really do have a glorious ass Sarah, I am ogling it in the mirrors,” Dee tells me as I wait for her to undress for me. “Undo my zipper for me Sarah,” she smiles as her short one piece dress slips off her shoulders and falls to the floor. Small firm tits with erect nipples and a shaved long, thin tuft of hair above her cunt lips, the same colour as the hair on her head.

One minute later I am relishing two stark naked bi-sexual women pleasuring my naked body apart from my heels. I am standing with one foot on a low stool as Dee teasingly licks her way up my inner thigh with her hands on my ass as Jillian licks my now very erect nipples.

I watch and enjoy as Dee teasingly rubs her thumb along my cunt lips. The moment her tongue makes contact with my cunt lips I relish being bi-sexual and want more. Then the tip of her tongue finds my clit.

As we move to the bedroom with a large video screen, I can see a huge, muscled black man watching Jillian teasing her naked body for him. They are both standing as they commence fucking. “An extra turn on for you Sarah, James was eleven-inches in case you were wondering and ten-years younger than us,” Jillian smirks.

I am lying on my back with three pillows under my head with my legs spread as I watch Dee licking my cunt lips in the ceiling mirror as Jillian alternates licking my nipples and tongue kissing me. I am also watching a black man on a video screen with an eleven-inch erection fucking the same woman who is licking my nipples and tongue kissing me. Exquisite sexual pleasure and a huge turn on for me and I am relishing the opportunity to show two bi-sexual women I am multi-orgasmic and my ability to squirt when really aroused.

I fight to hold back my first orgasm to heighten the experience and make it even better, as Jillian asks, “How good is she Sarah?” What else would you like?”

“Dee is good, very good,” I moan on cue as I shudder and have a strong orgasm. “And I would like vibrator later,” I answer as I build to my next orgasm. Then the next one and the next one as two women are pleasuring me while I watch a hung black man fucking Jillian on the video screen.

“Is this what you wanted Sarah?,” Dee asks as I am on the brink of a huge orgasm and ready to squirt as I feel her insert a vibrator into to my sopping wet cunt. “What speed Sarah is good for your Sarah?,” she whispers as she commences with a slow speed, then slowly increases the speed, while continuing to lick me.

“Yes, yes, yes, so good,” is all I can manage to mutter as my body tenses while I have a huge orgasm and squirt for two women.

“You are awesome Sarah,” they both tell me in the afterglow.

A few days later my man is still away when Jillian emails with some naked pics of James, the huge muscled black man I watched fucking her on the video screen and asks if I would like to meet him. “I told him all about you Sarah and your insistence on oral sex only. He really is keen to meet you. Would you like to have him while I watch? Even better I could lick you while you blow him. Does tomorrow work for you?”

When I arrive James is obviously freshly showered as he is wearing just a pair of well fitting jeans and his muscled body does look good as Jillian watches on.

I decide to take the initiative. “Jillian told me you are eleven-inches James. Is that true?”

“Yes, when I am aroused.”

“What can I do to arouse you?”

“Get naked for me.”

I do enjoy flaunting my naked body for a new man and with Jillian watching it is an extra turn on for me. I am not wearing much, a blouse, no bra, a short skirt, a skimpy, black g-string and heels. I hold Jame’s gaze and smile as I remove my skirt first then turn with my legs apart. “Like my ass James?”

“Yes I do, now lick my nipples. They are like bullets for you Sarah,” he tells me as I softly nibble them and slide my hands over his chest with his hands on my ass as he slides my g-string off.

“Have I aroused you enough James?,” I tease as I slide his jeans down to his ankles and take his very erect cock in two hands. “I want to give you a blow job to remember,” I tell him as I lick his balls, then the full length of his cock.

“Did Jillian tell you she is going to lick me while I blow you? Are you fine with that?

“Yes I am Sarah. Did she tell you she wants me to fuck her later while you watch. Are you fine with that?

“Yes I am James,” I tell him very aroused as I sit on a chair in front of a wall length mirror with my legs apart as Jillian licks her way up my thighs, then commences licking my cunt lips with James watching. His erection is most impressive as I reach for it and slide it between my pursed lips. Sexual heaven for me, sucking the eleven-inch cock of a ten-years younger, well-built man while another woman is licking my cunt.

Size really is a bonus I muse as I am watching in the mirror and soaking up the sexual pleasure as I sit almost motionless as James slides the tip of his huge erection between my lips in a slow fucking motion as I very lightly tease his balls with my fingernails while Jillian is licking my cunt lips.

“Do you like that?,” I manage to ask as I slide my fingertips along his full length with just the tip of it between my lips. “I told you I wanted to give you a blow job to remember, will you remember this one?” I ask him as I tease his balls with my other hand.

“You were probably wondering what the bowl of ice cubes was for? You are about to find out,” I tell him as I put some in my mouth and some in my hand as I take his erection between my pursed lips and swirl the ice cubes on his cock. At the same time I run my hand full of ice cubes along his shaft, then onto his balls.

“You are awesome Sarah, where did you learn to do that,” Jillian smiles as she watches intently while she keeps licking me.

“I will remember this one Sarah, you are so talented,” James is moaning after a few repeats with fresh ice.

“You are magnificent Sarah, just magnificent,” he is groaning as I rub ice along the full length of his erection while I flick the tip of it with my cold, icie tongue. The noise he made as he orgasmed with two women watching was that of a wild animal.

“Jillian told you she wants me to fuck her while you watch Sarah. Are you fine with that?,” James reminds me in the afterglow as the three of us shower together.

“Yes, I am looking forward to it, I love watching another couple fucking, especially when the man is as big as you. Can you get it up again? Perhaps I can help?,” I tease as I ogle his flaccid, though still very impressive cock as Jillian and I kiss like teenagers. “Kiss my ass for me Jillian while James watches.

“Now you James, kiss my ass and get hard, really hard so I can watch you fuck Jillian.”

Jillian and I watch in awe and anticipation as James teases his raging eleven-inch erection with a fingertip then slides his cock ring along it and fastens the clip under his balls.

Without saying a word he helps Jillian bend over so she can rest her arms on a small table. The sexual tension is palpable as I watch James apply a generous dose of lube to the full length of his erection, then smear some more on Jillian’s ass.

The mewing noise Jillian makes as I watch James slowly feeding his rock hard eleven-inches into Jillian’s ass is something I have never experienced before. After six or seven strokes he has his complete length in her and is slapping into her ass cheeks.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, hold my hands and kiss me Sarah,” she is moaning as I enjoy watching and soak up the sexual pleasure.

I have watched a number of couples fucking, this was the most exciting one ever as James fucked Jillian so hard with his huge cock.

When my man arrived back home a few days afterwards, late on a Friday we spent the whole weekend in bed fucking very which way, after all I had not a fuck since he left.