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Abusing Nadia - 4

2023-01-20 21:55:03

The low slung sports car pulled up outside the modern apartment block. Nadia hadn’t cum during the short journey, although she acquiesced to her master’s demand for her to put her feet up on the dashboard, her legs obscenely splayed by the bar pushing her thighs apart. With her hands cuffed behind her back she was unable to touch herself the way she would have liked but Alex helped her with that.

As he drove he reached over and slipped his hand inside her panties, instantly feeling the soaked base of the dildo protruding slightly from Nadia’s swollen and hypersensitive pussy. Her ass jerked on the seat as soon as his fingers touched the toy, pushing down against it, trying to force it deeper inside her.

“Please!” she whispered.

“Please what?” He stared straight ahead, nonchalant, eyes on the road.

She pushed down again. He held his fingers firm, only her movement forcing the large latex toy inside her. “Please Sir!” she gasped. “Please Sir!” She was getting frantic humping her ass up and down at the dildo, fucking herself with it as best she could. Her arms ached behind her but her cunt ached more. Needing to be filled and stroked inside and out, painfully aware of the desperate need to cum.

As suddenly as he had pushed his hand inside her panties and pressed the end of the dildo, he removed his hand and wiped his fingers over her mouth. Nadia cried out in protestation and tried to fuck herself on the car seat. Alex grabbed her hair and pulled her face towards his. Droplets of spit flew from his mouth to her face as he told her in no uncertain terms that she was allowed to cum if, and only if, he allowed it.

“Does my stupid fucking slut understand!” he barked at her. She sobbed as she nodded.

“Yes Sir! Yes Master! Yes, yes I understand. I am so sorry.” She was sobbing her regret, tears running down her cheeks at the realisation that she had displeased him. Fortunately, her feet were still up on the dashboard because Alex slammed the brakes on hard. The car squealed to a halt in the middle of the road and he looked at her with a searing intensity before he pulled her to his mouth and kissed her hard, lips smashing together, bruising them both, cutting her lip as she cried out in agony and delirious pleasure. She was so close to cumming but knew now that she was not allowed.

He broke off the kiss and accelerated away again as Nadia breathed deep and hard. “It’s a good job you understand Miss Richards,” he explained. “Otherwise you would now be on the road with your legs spread wide, your hands cuffed behind your back and a thick eight inch dildo in your cunt, ready to be picked up by the next pervert who came along and saw you in such a compromising position.” He smiled sweetly at her and she began to laugh, quietly at first, then they were laughing together, heartily. She knew he was serious and he knew that she knew that. It was unspoken at that moment, but as they took a right into his street they both knew exactly what their position was in this relationship.

And now here they were. He jumped out of the driver’s side and walked round to her door. With her feet still on the dashboard she was rocking gently on the seat, keeping herself on the edge of an almighty explosion, her body crying out for release. He reached down and undid the straps on her thighs, pulling the bar from between them and walking round to the trunk to pop the lid and place the bar inside. She watched him in the wing mirror. Her heart filled with an unwavering desire to please her master. To do anything he ordered her to.

He closed the trunk and she gasped as he walked back to her. He eased her forward gently and unstrapped the cuffs. She groaned at the release and rubbed her hands and arms and wrists in front of her to get the circulation going again. His hand slipped into her panties and she lay back as best she could, offering her cunt to him. The back of his hand forced her panties down and out and he gripped the dildo and eased it from her soaking hole. It was covered in a white lustrous cream and he held it to his nose, closing his eyes and deeply inhaling her sexual aroma.

She whimpered as he breathed her in and ran her hands sensuously along the insides of her upturned thighs. He reached towards her and as the tip of the dildo slid slowly and languorously over her lips she opened her mouth slightly, her tongue flicking out at it. He pushed it in a little further and her lips opened at its insistence. He pushed still further until half of the latex dildo that she had had in her pussy all day was now in her mouth. As he held it still, she understood what he wanted. Nadia pushed her face forward, uncaring that she was in a car on the side of the road where anyone could see her. The cream covered prick slid into her mouth deeper. She pushed on. Further, deeper, into her throat. She started to gag, to choke, but she pushed harder, determined to please him, to push it all the way down her throat and into her tummy. If that is what he wanted then she would do it for him.

She was close to vomiting but still she pushed, the fear of not pleasing him outweighing the fear of being sick. She tried to relax her throat muscles as she slowly slid the dildo out of her mouth, looking Alex in the eye. He held her gaze as she breathed deeply through her nose and jammed her face down hard on the cock. It sunk into her throat and she pushed harder and harder, fucking her throat on the big thick plastic cock. Choking, gurgling sounds emanated from her throat and her hands went to her cunt, spreading her lips wide and attacking her clit furiously as she deep throated the toy.

As soon as he realised she was about to cum, Alex generously helped her out and pulled the dildo from her lips and grasped the wrist of the hand that was rubbing her hard swollen clit. He twisted it sharply to let her know he wanted her to stop and she pulled herself together, realising how close she had come to upsetting him.

“I’m sorry. I just.....Sir...I need....oh God......I’m sorry Sir!” Nadia took a few deep breaths and Alex stood and offered his hand to her. She pulled her feet down and took his hand as he helped her from the car. He shut the door and it locked automatically. Taking her hand, he led her to the front door, her legs very shaky and her arms and hands still feeling slightly numb.

Alex unlocked the door and pushed it open, allowing Nadia to walk ahead of him with a sweep of his arm. He took her jacket and hung it up on the coat rack by the door. She stood before him in her white blouse and charcoal grey skirt that fell to just below above her knees. Alex took off his jacket and tie, making a show of demonstrating how the tie could be used as a restraint by pulling it tight between his hands. Nadia grinned shyly and he draped it over his jacket on the coat rack next to hers. His black shirt contrasted with her white blouse. Good and evil she thought smiling wickedly to herself.

His apartment was modern. Clean lines punctuated each room but the minimalist, stark feel could not hide the inherent warmth contained in the bright vibrant colours of a vase of flowers here, a dramatic oil landscape there. The huge windows let in the early evening light and the pinkening of the sky outside was reflected on the bright white walls and high ceilings in every room.

He took them through to the kitchen where he opened the large silver free-standing fridge and produced an unopened bottle of wine. He opened it smoothly and poured them both a glass.

“To us!” he toasted and they clinked glasses. They walked through the apartment, Alex explaining a little about this and that until they reached his bedroom. He let her in first and she saw the dress on the bed. It was beautiful. Scarlet red, a plunging neckline, a naked back, the hem sweeping high and low, a split up the side.

“Oh Sir!” she cried out as she dropped to her knees to examine it more closely. She knew it was for her and she looked at him imploringly. He nodded his head slightly and watched as she fingered the silk, brushing her fingers up and down. “It’s beautiful!” she whispered. She pushed her face to the dress, inhaling it, feeling its erotic sensuality on her skin.

“Put it on Miss Richards.”

She beamed at him, excited like a child at Christmas. She unbuttoned her blouse quickly and dropped it to the floor. It dawned on her that he had never seen her naked but the thought was fleeting. He would see all of her he wanted. She would let him see deep inside every hole if he wanted. She wanted him to look at her, to feast his eyes on her body before using her as he pleased.

She reached behind her back before looking at Alex questioningly. He nodded again and she unclasped the bra. The shoulder straps slid down off her arms and she held the cups in front of her smiling seductively at him. Impassively, he took a sip of his drink and she let the bra fall to the floor. Her naked tits jutted out at him. For her age they were wonderful. Beautiful soft creamy tits, topped with nipples that stood out firm and proud. Alex noticed a scratch on her left nipple and noted to himself to add to that later. Her hands grasped her breasts and she lifted them for him, showing them off to her master. He smiled at her as he rolled his glass round in little circles. She reached behind her to unzip her skirt. It fell down to her feet and she stepped out of it. She kicked it away and then hooking her thumbs into her panties she started to shimmy them down.

The top of her smooth pubic mound came into view and she pushed down a little further. She turned playfully and showed Alex the top of the crack of her ass, smiling back at him. And then he was on her. In the blink of an eye he had put his glass on the bedside table and was on her. Hand at the nape of her neck. Grasping her arm. Pushing her forward. Face down into the dress. Ripping her panties from her body, leaving them hanging loose on her left thigh he slapped the insides of her thighs apart, her cunt lewdly open to him as he plunged three fingers into her tight sucking hole.

“Oh my God yes!” she screamed as he attacked her. “Yes Master! Yes Sir! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Alex plunged his stiff bunched fingers in and out of her, hard and fast, all the way up to the knuckle and all the way out to the finger tips. His hands gripped her hair and pushed her face down hard against the dress, making it difficult for her to scream out. Her muffled cries of ecstasy spurred his fingers on, until he felt her tense. He pulled his fingers from her cunt and stroked the cheeks of her ass gently. “Please!” she called out “My God please Sir!” Nadia pleaded and begged. She needed to cum. She thought she might die if she didn’t cum soon. “Fuck me please! I’m your slut, your whore, your cunt. I’ll do anything. Anything! Please let me cum Master! Please!”

Alex simply smiled and pulled her panties from her leg, putting them in his pocket . “Put the dress on Miss Richards” he said.

She turned her head to look back at him, a look of desperate need and hunger in her eyes. Brushing the hair from her face she whispered huskily “Yes.......Master.” Her eyes burned with intensity and she stared at him as she lifted the dress from the bed and slid it down over her naked body. The fabric clung to the curves of her sexy body, her tits pushing out from the low cut neckline, her ass pushing out at the back, her nakedness under the dress accentuated by the silken shadows formed around each line. “Perfect!” he said. “Come with me. Bring your drink.”

Nadia felt extremely sexy and hot wearing the scarlet dress. She kept running her hand over her body as she followed Alex from the bedroom. She ran her hands over her breasts, down over her tummy, round to her ass and back around to her thighs and pussy. Before she knew it, Nadia found herself in the bathroom with Alex. He had put his drink down on the sink unit and suggested she did the same. He told her to kneel by the toilet.

For a brief second she could have sworn he asked her to kneel by the toilet and she stared at him dumbly. “Kneel.” He repeated. She started to shake her head,.

“What are you....” Before any more words came out he gripped her by the throat and whispered menacingly.

“You are welcome to leave, Miss Richards and never return here and only speak to me at work in a professional and courteous manner.” Her pulse quickened, heart racing, his fingers felt so good squeezing her throat. Harder she thought. “Or you can kneel.” There really was no choice. Nadia nodded as best she could and lowered herself slowly as he gripped her throat. Soon she was on her bare knees, her hands holding down the hem of the dress on her thighs. She looked up at Alex and watched unblinking as his fingers unzipped his pants. She heard every tooth in the zipper separating. She watched in slow motion as he reached inside and pulled out his magnificent cock that had fucked into her in the toilet so ruthlessly earlier that afternoon.

It was half hard and the foreskin was pulled back a little. She started to panic. What was he going to do? What did he expect of her? Surely he couldn’t... Hypnotised, she stared as the first droplets of hot golden liquid formed at the tip of his purple spongy cockhead. It soon started to flow into the toilet, splashing as it hit the water below. She was entranced, fascinated. She could not tear her eyes away. Here she was kneeling at a man’s feet – her master’s feet – and he was pissing into the toilet next to her, the hot stream passing not more than a foot from her face. She subconsciously licked her lips and her hands rubbed up and down her thighs as she watched the hot stream pour out of his distended piss hole.

It was so....exciting. So wrong. But so incredibly exciting. She took in his cock for the first time. It was long and thick, meaty and light skinned. The veins bulged out erotically and she followed their lines from the root to the tip of his shaft. His balls stayed inside his pants and she found herself disappointed that she couldn’t see them. She reached out to touch him as he relieved himself in front of her. She wrapped her hand slowly round his length and started to stroke it up and down, slowly, his cock hardening as his piss flowed into the toilet.

Soon the flow subsided and Alex put his hand on hers to remove it from his cock. He grabbed her hair and wiped his cock on it. Nadia whimpered her thanks as she closed her eyes and threw her head back, allowing her master access to clean himself on her. She was grateful that he had given her this honour and she thanked him by taking his cock and kissing the shaft worshipfully.

His thumb depressed the flush button on top of the cistern and as she watched his piss spiral away, a strange heat dispersed through her entire body, setting her cunt on fire. She moaned involuntarily and Alex pulled her to her feet.

He pulled her from the scene of her first ever lesson in water sports. He hadn’t urinated on her or made her do anything, but she was certain that he would soon and the idea did not repulse her as much as it did when he ordered her to her knees less than two minutes ago. In fact it caused her stomach to flip and her pussy to clench and spasm, causing tremors to run through her body. Alex noticed this response to what had happened in the bathroom and he pulled her close to him and whispered in her ear.

“You will taste me soon enough.”

Nadia’s knees buckled and she almost stumbled to the ground as he held her. She moaned out loud as he grasped her cunt through the silk scarlet dress. The material pressed inside her, his silk-covered fingers pressing into her cunt. She gripped his arm with all her might and her body exploded. She came and came, crying out his name “Alex! Alex! I can’t......I can’t....” he dug his fingers in harder, massaging her clit with the silken dress, ramming his fingers in, feeling the heat and dampness inside her through the material. She screamed out unintelligible words, gibberish aimed at an apology for cumming like a dirty worthless whore. Alex held her tight his cock throbbing in his pants as she gripped him tightly, her knees bent.

Eventually Alex relented, releasing his grip on her cunt and instead softly massaging her there. Nadia straightened her legs. She had never cum like that before. Never ever had she felt every nerve ending in her body set on fire like a burning strip of magnesium. Burning down into the very core of her body where the strands met and when the fire reached the centre a million fireworks exploded at once and she swam in a sea of thick cloying ecstasy unable to breathe, holding on for dear life. She panted on his shoulder breathing hard.

“You must be punished Miss Richards.” He said calmly taking another sip of his wine. How he hadn’t spilled a drop was anyone’s guess. “You came without my express permission.”

“Yes Master,” she gulped. It would have been easier to say ‘Sir’ but she wanted to punish herself for misbehaving in this way. She knew she had done wrong and she needed to be punished. She looked forward to the pain she knew must surely come. He led her to a plain white door and they stood in front of it. He turned to her and lifted her chin with his finger to look into his eyes.

“In here you will submit to me. Every part of you belongs to me.” He wasn’t giving her the choice this time and she didn’t want it. She knew what he said was totally and absolutely true. Whatever awaited her in that room she knew she was his. She would submit to him. She would give everything of hers to him. She nodded and whispered “Oh yes Master. Yes!” He took a small silver key from his pocket, slid it into the keyhole and turned it. The door slid open and they walked in...