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The night I became a man

2023-01-24 00:09:25

*This story was written for a mature audience.If you are under the age of 18 or 21 in some U.S. States, you must not read this Story!*

“The numbers are on the fridge, honey.” Mum said, she always worried touch.

“C’mon, darling.”Shouted John from downstairs, eager to go.

“Everything will be fine, Mum.” I said.

“Oh, I know, I just worry about you James. All alone in this big house.” She said.

“Go on. I’m 16 I can manage myself.” I said “John will drag you there if he has to wait any longer.”

She chuckled “I guess so. Bye then.” She said before going downstairs.

I went back to my Xbox 360 whilst Mum went downstairs. I was so excited, this was the night. This was the night I would lose my virginity.

My name is James Scott and I’m 16 years old. I live with my mum and step dad. I turned 16 three days ago. I have light brown hair and blue eyes. I’m not a muscle-bound freak but I have a runners figure and have participated in a few track races. I’m taller than most my age. I feel comfortable in a top and trackie bottoms.

I have been going out with this girl, Jennifer, for 4 years. We got together halfway through 1st year (we where 12 then) and have stayed together since. She stopped growing in all departments when she was 15. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. Her lips are full and the most sensuous red. Her tits are a C-cup, with really oversensitive nipples that point to attention without much coercion.

Our Birthdays are the day after each others and on my first birthday of going out with her, mine being the earlier one, she made me promise that I would not have sex with her until we where both 16. I promised wondering whether we would still be together then.

It had been her birthday yesterday but we had decided to wait until tonight as this was our perfect chance. My Mum and John (step-dad if you’ve not already guessed) are going to be away for the full weekend at a dental convention, yes this is what John was so excited about a Dental convention for god’s sake. Jennifer was going to tell her mum that she was staying at her Uncle Pete’s. Who was a good guy and always lied for her if her mum rang.

I finally hear the door slam shut. I whip my phone out and quickly text Jennifer. I turn off my Xbox 360 and go downstairs. I make myself a glass of water as I wait for Jennifer. About three quarters of a glass of water later there is a ring on the door. She has been at Gillian’s since 4 because she only lives up the street.

I answer the door and there she stands. She is wearing a blue denim jacket with jeans and trainers. “Hey there, Sexy!” She exclaims mischievously and throws herself in my arms whilst closing the door with a kick. Our lips lock in a passionate battle. I find my back to the wall as she grinds her whole body against me rubbing her jeans up against my dick bringing new life to it as it springs up with double intensity.
She takes off her jacket, breaking from the kiss for just a few seconds. I take this as a sign to remove my top. Her hands slide over my torso as we return to our passionate kissing. My hands move under her t-shirt to her boobs. She responds by taking her T-shirt and bra off. We once again resume our kissing as my hands roam over each breast. Her nipples stand to attention and each time I flick them I can feel her whole body shudder.

She breaks off from the kiss and movs my head over to her nipple. I seized her and spun her round until she is up against the wall and I take her left nipple in my mouth sucking and biting. Her moaning is almost continuous now.

I grab her arm and take her into my living room without a word and playfully push her onto the couch. I slide up to the top of her jeans and unbutton them, then slide them off. She is wearing pink panties tonight.

“Do you want me to take these off?”

“Yes please.” Jennifer moans


“With your teeth.” She replies as she always does when we’re having oral.

My teeth hook her panties and scrape against her pussy as I pull them off. She arcs her whole body and moans. She must be really horny, I think as I lick the cum that got on my teeth.

I admire her pussy. The soft blonde pubic hairs are like the fringes of heaven. I go down on her. My mouth goes straight for the clit; I suck and softly nibble on it gaining an intense change from Jennifer. She is moaning louder now and her hands are tense at her sides.

I put two fingers in her pussy and start to finger fuck her. Her moans increase in volume yet again and she starts to move her pussy in rhythm to my fingers. She is shaking now and I can tell she’s on the verge. On impulse I put another finger in her ass, which tips her over the edge.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming! Jesus fuck, I’m cumming” she screams as she writhes and convulses in ecstasy. Her orgasm is more violent than usual, I think to myself.

“Any good?” I asked confidently.

“That was amazing!” she says in between deep breaths.

We wait another few seconds in silence until she recovers.

“Where are my manner, I forgot about minime.” She says, switching positions so that she’s on top. Her head moves down to the tent in my trackies. She licks the tip through the material, swirling her tongue. It feels so good but not good enough.

“Stop teasing, women!” I command playfully.

She slides my trackies and boxers off to reveal my penis standing erect at eight inches. Her head moves to the tip as is she is about to do swirl it on her tongue like before but instead in one action she downs three quarters of the penis. She starts to deep throat me fast and skilfully. After only a few minutes I can feel my balls tingling.

“Stop!” I shout. She removes her head from my penis.

“Where you gonna cum?”

“Yeah, I don’t wanna cum until we actually have sex. I’ll go get a condom from upstairs. You stay in the mood.” I say and slip up the stairs to my room for my stack of 12 condoms expertly hidden in my en-suite bathroom.

When I come down the stairs I am met by a beautiful sight, Jennifer masturbating on the couch. I watch her from the stairs putting my condom on.

I slip into the living room and she pulls out her cum dripping fingers and licks them clean. “Are you ready?” I ask seriously.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” She says with a deep breath

Her legs are raised over my shoulders quickly and my cock at her labia. It won’t be so bad for Jennifer, I think, as we broke her hymen ages ago. She nods her head and I push forward.

Oh my god! She’s so tight, even after a year of finger fucking! It feels so good! i fucked slowly in and out of her. All the way in and then out to the tip. As Jennifer started to show signs of encouragement I fucked faster and faster. She felt so good and it wasn’t long before I was about to cum.

“I’m. Gonna. Come!”

“Me too-oo-oo” she says and her pussy convulses around my dick causing me to cum. Again and again and again! It feels so fucking good! I collapse on top of her and hold her in my arms. We lie on the floor as I take out my cock and tie the condom.

“That was amazing.” She says.

“We’ve still got the whole weekend.” I say.

*This is m first story and I hope you, as the readers, like it. Any and all help in the form of comments are appreciated. Thank you for reading*