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How to Have Sex with a Horse - Part 1: The Initiation

2023-01-15 01:58:19

Barbie Lez used to be a famous journalist and world-renowned trend chaser. Now she is the world’s most talked about celebrity and the year’s highest-earning author. And the year isn’t even over.

The beautiful 22-year-old’s incredible leap to worldwide stardom occurred quickly and without warning. Initially, the rumors claiming she was involved in the latest, and most controversial, trend of recent years—Bestiality School—were thought to be fake, but they were quickly substantiated with the publication of her first book. How to Have Sex with a Dog became an instant success and to this day remains on The New York Times Best Seller list. As a result, the name Barbie Lez has become synonymous with bestiality.

For those of you who do not yet know what Bestiality School is, here is a quick description:

Bestiality School is the name of a highly profitable, ever-expanding company. It came to be a result of the countrywide repeal of the laws against bestiality. However, it was not until Barbie Lez normalized the concept of interspecies sex that it flourished. It is now the leading sex-related company in the world, ranking higher than even sex toy manufacturers and porn production companies. In essence, Bestiality School is designed to immerse its clients in an environment suited for sexual interactions between them and an animal of their choice. As a result of Barbie’s book, the How to Have Sex with a Dog bundle has outsold every other alternative by a two-to-one ratio.

The CEO of the Bestiality School has revealed that both he and Miss Lez’s publisher are currently in negotiations for a yet unannounced collaboration. While the exact nature of this collaboration remains a mystery, it is rumored the intrepid author is considering writing a sequel to How to Have Sex with a Dog. The authenticity of such claims may be unfounded, but fans across the globe eagerly await any news on the subject. Only time will tell whether Barbie is willing to once again immerse herself in the sex-starved world of bestiality.



I couldn’t believe it had only been six months since my first bestial encounter. It felt like so much more. Then again, quite a lot had happened since that first day I walked into Candy’s office. For starters, Candy and I were now a couple. Also, I was officially a millionaire—actually, I was so wealthy I had more money than I knew what to do with. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ll start at the beginning and work my way up from there.

As I mentioned, Candy and I were finally a couple. We moved in together within the first month. We also adopted a dog and had so many three-ways I quickly lost count. With the money I received from my publisher, we were able to purchase the home of our dreams. Things were just about perfect. Then my book—How to Have Sex with a Dog—was launched, and all hell broke loose.

I knew bestiality was a controversial topic, yet I wasn’t prepared for the frenzy my autobiography—that’s what my publisher called it—would generate. Every talk show host in the world jumped at the occasion. Some bashed me and tried to sully my good name. Others commended me for my courage. But in the end, it mattered little, as every commentary, every opinion, no matter if it was good or bad, only made me more famous. The fact that I categorically refused to appear on any television program only made things worse. As a result of this controversy, How to Have Sex with a Dog became an instant bestseller. The first printing sold out in twenty-four hours. The second, which consisted of a million volumes, was exhausted within a week. The third—ten million copies—took nearly a month to sell out. But still people kept buying it. And buying it. And buying it.

The first time I got recognized was kind of cool. I signed the guy’s book and wished him a good day. But as my fame increased, so did my fan base. Before long, the media knew where I lived, and I got mobbed every single time I left the house. Before long, I stopped going out altogether. Candy did her best to cheer me up, but it was hard for her to juggle her job and our paparazzi-infested life. I often reminded her that we now had enough money for her to quit her job, but she refused. She claimed it was the only thing keeping her sane. While I didn’t understand, I accepted it.

Candy and I weren’t the only ones affected by my book’s phenomenal success. My publisher now received more manuscripts that he could handle, and the Bestiality School was flooded with new clients. The once small company expanded, opening a branch in every major city in every country where bestiality was legal. Other companies tried to copy them, but none met with much success. Bestiality School was the top dog, and it would be quite a while before such a massive corporation got dethroned. Speaking of thrones, they had recently announced their very latest innovation.

The Bestiality Championship.

I no longer watched the news, because more times than not it was about me, the Bestiality School, or both. It thus wasn’t until the CEO of the Bestiality School invited me to his office that I learned of this new addition. Candy undoubtedly would have told me, but the CEO requested my presence mere minutes after the big reveal. I was intrigued by the mysterious summons, but not overly worried. The Bestiality School’s success was due in great part to me, and both the CEO and the board members were quite aware of it. Still, my heart was pounding like a drum when I entered the man’s office.

The CEO was as straightforward as they come and he wasted little time on pleasantries. He began by explaining the intricacies of the Bestiality Championship. Apparently, it would be a televised competition where constants battled each other for the title of Bestiality Queen. Apparently, experts had predicted it would be the most watched pay-per-view event in television history. The ten constants—as of now, only women were being considered, though an all-male counterpart was also in the works—were to be unknown, everyday women. While I was told only the most beautiful of women would be selected, the only requirement—at least as far as the general public was concerned—was to send in a video recording explaining why you believed you deserved to be selected. They were anticipating millions of submissions.

I listened patiently for a while but finally lost my patience. I demanded to know what any of this had to do with me. The CEO told me all would be revealed in time, but asked that I listen to the remainder of his explanation. I reluctantly agreed.

Once the ten competitors were selected, they would be flown in from across the world and provided with the details of the competition. The Bestiality Championship consisted of five rounds. The first was to be an initiation of sorts, where each competitor would learn the basics of having sex with a horse—equines were the theme of the competition. Each participant would be scored on their performance. At the end of the second round, the competitors with the two lowest scores would be eliminated. After the third round, four of the remaining eight players would be eliminated. The fourth round would cut this number down to two. In the fifth and final round, the two remaining competitors would battle it out. The winner would be crowned Bestiality Queen. She would also receive a one-million dollar cash prize, as well as a lifetime pass to any and all Bestiality Schools across the world.

I once again pointed out that I still had no idea why he was telling me this. The CEO’s answer not only shocked me but also filled me with a sense of disgust.

“We want you to be one of the competitors,” he explained. “In fact, we want you to be the star of the show. While we cannot guarantee you will win, you will be well compensated for your participation.”

I couldn’t believe it. I had sacrificed my normalcy to catapult his company into stardom and still he wanted more? I was about to tell him off when he asked that I keep an open mind until I heard the rest of his proposal. While I was still fuming at his selfishness, I agreed to let him finish.

Apparently, the man had been in talks with my publisher, because he told me they had agreed to pay me a million dollars for my participation. The only condition was that I write about my experiences in a sequel to How to Have Sex with a Dog, which was tentatively titled How to Have Sex with a Horse. A few months ago I would have been tempted to accept, but given the vast wealth I had accumulated as a result of my royalty payments, I was in no rush to jeopardize my already fragile existence. In fact, I categorically refused to even consider the man’s proposal. I even stormed out of his office.

I received a call from my publisher as soon as I got home. He must have heard about my refusal because he offered to double the original sum if only I agreed to both compete in the Bestiality Championship and write about it for the whole world to read. I once again refused.

It took a while, but I eventually calmed down. I realized that my anger was not directed at the Bestiality School’s CEO or my publisher. They were only doing that was in the best interest of their respective companies. The reason I had refused to even consider participating in the Bestiality Championship was because of my family. It was already bad enough that they had read all about my first bestial encounters. I could not bear the thought of them watching me debase myself for the enjoyment of the masses. Still, two million dollars was a lot of money. But it was not until my publisher once again doubled his offer—the total was now four million dollars. Five, if I won the competition—that I finally accepted. But that never would have happened had Candy not promised to retire from teaching if I agreed to participate. When I asked her why she seemed so eager for me to participate, she responded that it was the most logical thing to do. The only surefire way to ensure our future was bright was to give both the media and the fans what they wanted. And at the moment, what they wanted above all else was to see me have sex with a horse. I wasn’t entirely sure I agreed with Candy’s logic, but if it meant she would quit her job, then it would be worth it. Plus, competing in the Bestiality Championship would ensure we never ran out of money. It was, for the most part, a perfect solution.

In order to keep the public from accusing the Bestiality School of cheating, I had to submit a video recording explaining why I believed I deserved to participate in the Bestiality Championship. Because the recordings would be shown during the competition, I took Candy’s advice and poured my heart and soul into the recording. To me, it sounded cheesy, but both Candy, the Bestiality School CEO and my publisher assured me it was a masterpiece.

I tried convincing Candy to submit a video application, but she categorically refused. Knowing her as I did, I knew that deep down she would have loved to show the whole world what she could do, so I created a video for her and sent it in. Unfortunately, she wasn’t selected. No doubt had the Bestiality School refused to even consider her application because they feared they would be accused of favoritism. Still, it would have been nice to have Candy along for the ride. Little did I know, she would be with me every step of the way.


Part 1: The Initiation

I awoke to find Candy missing. My first instinct was to panic, but I quickly realized my beautiful girlfriend was either getting ready for work or making us breakfast. Unfortunately, it was neither. In fact, she was nowhere to be found. Clearly, she had left for work early, though I honestly had no idea why. Then again, it didn’t matter. Still, I would have liked to have her by my side when I arrived for my initiation to the Bestiality Championship. Clearly, Candy had more faith in me than I had in myself.

I took a long, cleansing shower, then slipped into the skimpy outfit I had selected for the occasion. It was conservative enough that I could go out in public without being leered at, yet revealing to the point of arousal. In fact, my heart quickened at the sight of my reflection. My long, platinum-blond hair cascaded down my shoulders, framing the delicate features of my face. My fleshy lips glistened with lip gloss. My breasts were barely concealed, revealing massive amounts of cleavage while somehow keeping my nipples hidden. My butt seemed to want to pop out of its fabric prison, yet never managed to. My tight, clean-shaven pussy was the only part of my anatomy that remained entirely hidden, yet it would take very little effort on my part to reveal it to the entire world. In fact, that was precisely what I was preparing myself to do.

Once satisfied with my appearance, I made my way to the kitchen, only to discover that I was too nervous to eat. It was thus on an empty stomach that I made my way to the Bestiality School. The hardest part was making it past the throngs of paparazzi that flooded my driveway. Or so I thought until I reached the Bestiality School. There were easily ten times as many reporters, cameramen, and photographers circling the building. In fact, I was mobbed as soon as I stepped out of the car. It took half a dozen security guards—they must have been waiting for me—to get me from the parking lot to the building’s main entrance. There they left me in the capable hands of the front desk’s secretary. I recognized her as being the very same woman who had manned the previous Bestiality School’s main reception area.

“Nice to see you again,” I said, relieved to see a familiar face. “How have you been?”

Why she would be surprised that I remembered her, I don’t know, but she was. Unlike the two men that soon appeared behind me. I turned at the sound of their footsteps and breathed a sigh of relief when I realized they weren’t paparazzi. Far from it. They were the two very same security guards I had met during my first few visits to the Bestiality School.

“It’s nice to see you again, Miss Lez,” said one of them. The other nodded to indicate he shared the sentiment.

“Great to see you too, boys,” I said as I winked at them.

Their lips curled into smiles, but their grim expressions soon returned. I guess security guards don’t look as scary if they’re smiling.

“Ready do go?” asked one of the two bulky men.

I nodded, though, in reality, I had never been more terrified.

“See you later,” I called back to the secretary, who once again seemed stunned by my friendliness. I guess celebrities are supposed to be assholes. Oh well, I guess that proves it. I’m not a celebrity. At least, not deep down.

I was led down a series of hallways and corridors. We passed through so many doors that I quickly lost count. By the time we finally reached out destination, I was completely lost.

The room we had just entered was quite large, and filled with people. Yet it was completely silent. Everyone stopped what they were doing as soon as I entered and started staring at me. There were cameramen, sound guys, and lighting specialists. As well as wardrobe supervisors, makeup artists and what I can only describe as a sex toy wrangler. There were also nine other hot, confused-looking young women. There was no doubt in my mind I was looking at the other contestants. Just like the crew, they were staring at me with a mixture of awe and disbelief. I suddenly regretted my decision. How could I have ever thought this would be a good idea? But I forgot all about that when I finally spotted the woman running the show.

“Candy?” I blurted out as she hurried toward me. This seemed to snap everyone out of their stunned trance, and they went about their business. Of course, that doesn’t mean they stopped staring at me. Every few seconds, they would stop what they were doing and glance in my direction, as if to make sure I was still there.

“What are you doing here?” I asked when my beautiful girlfriend finally reached me.

“It’s complicated,” she admitted, slightly guiltily. “I was the one who came up with the whole Bestiality Championship concept. I never thought it would become this big. Nor did I foresee the fact that I would be asked to run, and host, the entire thing.”

I couldn’t believe it.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I finally asked once the implications of what she had just revealed finally dawned on me.

“I wanted it to be a surprise,” explained Candy.

It was. In fact, I had never been more surprised in my entire life. At least things were finally starting to make sense. I now understood why Candy had been so distant of late. It also explained why she had left before I even awoke. And why the video application I had submitted in her name had been rejected. For all I knew, she had rejected it herself. The only thing I didn’t understand was how she could both run this massive project and still work as a bestiality teacher. Unless…

“What about your job?” I asked.

“I officially retired a few weeks ago,” she explained. “I’ve been working on this full-time for almost a month.”

“What about our deal?” I inquired.

Candy’s cheeks turned red.

“Technically, our agreement was that I would retire from teaching, which I have done,” she explained. “And once the Bestiality Championship is over, my contract will officially be terminated.”

My lips curled into a smile, but the joy evaporated as soon as Candy started speaking again.

“There’s something else you should know,” she said. “They asked me to become their spokes girl. If I accept, I will become the new face of the Bestiality School. It’s basically a part-time job with full-time pay and benefits, but I told them I had to talk things over with you first.”

There was an awkward silence as I struggled to process all that I had just been told. While I had been fantasizing about Candy’s retirement for quite a while, I could tell she really wanted to do this. Plus, it seemed like the best compromise. I would get what I wanted—more time with my beautiful girlfriend—and so would Candy—something to look forward to and keep her busy. It was the perfect solution.

“Whatever makes you happy,” I finally told her.

She was so happy that she pulled me close and pressed her lips to mine. Forgetting about everyone else in the room, I wrapped my arms around I passionately explored every inch of her oral cavity. It wasn’t until our lips finally parted that I realized everyone was staring at us. A few seemed shocked by our public display of Sapphic love, but most just stared at us with curled lips and a dumb look.

“We should probably get started,” muttered Candy.

I agreed, struggling to keep my cheeks from turning a bright shade of red.

It was my first time on a movie set, and I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. Luckily, Candy was quite a skilled leader, and she made sure everybody knew what they were supposed to do. She started be interviewing each contestant. This was not only designed to make the viewers relate to the players, but it would also allow them to pick a favorite contestant. This was very important as the scores given to the players were determined by the number of votes they received. The more people liked you, the more votes you would get and the better your chances of winning. Because I was the celebrity of the group, my questions were a lot more personal than the other competitors’. Luckily, Candy was the interviewer, so she knew when to push me and when to lay off.

Once the interviews were over, the first round of the competition began. Unlike the interviews, these would be broadcast live across the web. Anyone with a computer, an internet connection, and a credit card could watch the perverse performances. There were different payment plans, but the end result was that the Bestiality School was making a boat-load of money. Within minutes of the first performance, millions of people around the world had tuned in. Halfway through, that number had grown to the tens of millions. By the time I was told my turn had come—I was scheduled to go last because I was the most famous of the competitors, and Candy thought it would be best to end things on a high note—there were over a hundred million people watching. I really wished Candy wouldn’t have told me this because it made me more nervous than I already was.

“Are you okay?” asked Candy as we neared the Classroom. From what the crew had told me—I had spent the last six hours or so hanging out with them, and we were now one big family—that it was the same type of room as the Classroom where I had lost my bestial virginity. However, there were two main differences. First of all, the room was equipped with dozens of hidden cameras, which would allow for my every move to be captured and broadcast across the world, while still retaining the immersive effect of the experience. Second of all, the room was roughly ten times the size of the original Classroom, which also played a large role in the overall immersion.

“I’m fine,” I lied, but Candy saw right through it.

Candy chuckled.

“No you’re not,” she said. “You’re shaking like a leaf.”

She was right, though I had not noticed it until now. Her hands were trembling, my knees were wobbly, and my entire body felt like it was floating.

“There’s no reason to worry,” assured Candy. “Everyone loves you. Plus, there are no eliminations in this round. Just have a good time and pretend like we’re alone, and everything will be fine.”

It sounded logical, but I was still incredibly nervous. That is, until Candy pulled me in for a quick, but passionate kiss. I was so focused on the softness of her lips and the eagerness of her tongue that I forgot all about the fear and worry. Only arousal remained.

“One last thing,” said Candy once our lips had parted. “Take things slow. All that matters in the first few rounds is making an impression. Keep your best moves for the end.”

“All right,” I muttered. Moments later, Candy was entering the Classroom. Just as with the previous Classroom, a small light stood at the very center of the door. At the moment it was red, but I knew it was only a matter of time before it turned green. And when it did, my first televised bestial performance would begin.

I took a few deep breaths to calm myself. By the time the light turned green, I was ready. I opened the door and strode into the Classroom with my shoulders pulled back, and my head held high.

I’m not sure what I had been expecting, but it wasn’t this. Before me stretched out the insides of a vast stable. There were dozens of stalls, most of them occupied by massive stallions—odds are, they were holograms. In one corner stood a mountain of hay. It was so massive that the tip nearly reached the roof. Dozens of saddles hung from hooks that jutted from one of the walls. There were also a few stools, which were no doubt used to mount the taller stallions. But I forgot all about my surroundings when I spotted Candy.

My beautiful girlfriend stood at the very center of the stable. She wore a pair of torn, skintight jeans and a plaid blouse that left very little to the imagination. Her riding boots came equipped with elevated heels, which made her butt pop. A cowboy hat completed her outfit. She was so hot that I had to resist the urge to run to her and make sweet, passionate love to her. While I’m sure the viewers would have enjoyed that, it would have been unfair to the other contestants. Not to mention the fact that it would shatter Candy’s reputation as an unbiased host.

Next to Candy stood a horse. He looked like the other massive stallions, only much smaller—I would later learn he was a Shetland pony. He stood at about four feet in height. His coat was a beautiful shade of beige. His mane and tail were so pale they were almost blond. In fact, they are almost the same shade as Candy’s lustrous locks. Speaking of Candy, she was now gesturing for me to join her.

I hurried forward. I was so overwhelmed by the highly immersive nature of the décor that I had forgotten all about the cameras. It wasn’t until later that I remembered the fact that millions upon millions of people were watching my every move.

“Hi there,” piped Candy when I reached her. “I’m Candy.”

I was confused until I remembered Candy always played a role when teaching someone about bestiality. Today she was a horse trainer.

“I’m Barbie,” I said, shaking the hand my girlfriend offered me.

“Nice to meet you.”

“You too,” I agreed.

There was an awkward silence before Candy spoke again.

“It seems like you’re the only one who showed up. Shall we begin?”

I nodded, unsure what to expect.

“Let’s start by covering horse safety protocols,” said Candy. “Then we can move on to more complex things.”

I nodded yet again.

Candy went into a long-winded explanation about how dangerous it was to stand behind a horse and how exactly you’re supposed to behave to keep them from getting spooked. It was mostly basic stuff, but this was my first interaction with a horse, so it was quite useful. Then again, it’s not like they would have given me anything but the most highly trained of horses. Still, it added a level of authenticity to the scenario.

“Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s move on to the more advanced stuff,” explained Candy. “It’s time for you to meet your mount.”

For a brief moment, I thought I would get to ride the small equine, but it soon became clear what would not be happening. If anyone was to be ridden, it was me.

“Not many people know this, but there’s only one truly infallible way to train a horse,” explained my girlfriend. “You must have sex with it.”

My heart skipped a beat. I knew this moment was coming, but I had been so caught up in the moment that I had forgotten the true nature of this encounter. People were expecting sex, and you could only keep them waiting so long before they got bored and stopped watching.

“Please remove your clothes,” instructed Candy.

I could have simply torn off my clothes and gotten right down to business, but I remembered what my girlfriend had told me. I took things slow. I sensually stripped, performing for all the cameras that surrounded me. I couldn’t see them, but I knew they were there.

“Nice,” observed Candy once every last scrap of clothing had been removed. She looked me up and down with a satisfied smile.

I blushed. Not because my girlfriend has just complimented me, but rather because I was now aware that millions of people across the globe were thinking the very same thing. In fact, most of them were probably fantasizing about me. Or touching themselves. It was flattering, but also kind of creepy. I chose not to think about it.

“Let’s starts with something simple,” suggested Candy.

I nodded but said nothing.

Candy told me what to do, and I did it. The first step was approaching the stallion. The second was to allow him to grow accustomed to my presence. Once that was accomplished, I was asked to kneel by the animal’s left flank. Moments after I did, I caught sight of his testicles. They weren’t as massive as I had expected, but still far larger than any I had seen in the past. Of course, the only other testicles I had seen belonged to dogs, so that was to be expected. Still, I was surprisingly nervous when Candy asked me to gently stroke them. I was afraid the Shetland pony would react unfavorably to my touch, but he didn’t even move. At least not until I began gently massaging the large sex orbs.

“Oh my god!” I gasped as his cock began to grow. The tip emerged from its sheath, quickly followed by the rest of the shaft. The more I stroked the animal’s balls, the longer it grew. Before long, it was lengthy enough that the testicular massage had become unnecessary.

“Stroke it,” instructed my girlfriend, referring to the member.

I was about to obey when I had an idea. The aim was to give a better performance than my competitors. So what could I do that no one else had? It didn’t take long for me to come up with something.

“Why?” I asked. I had decided to play the role of a slutty, yet childishly innocent virgin. Men loved that. The smile that curled Candy’s lips told me she knew exactly what I was up to.

“You need to make your mount come,” explained Candy, playing along with my little charade. “Only then will he trust you and see you as his master.”

“Oh, okay,” I said in my most schoolgirl-like tone.

I released the pony’s balls and grabbed hold of his spear. It wasn’t quite as hot as I had anticipated, but the feel of it still sent shivers of excitement rippling through me. I slowly, methodically worked it, luring more blood to it with every passing second. Before long, it was fully erect.

I pulled away and took a moment to study it. It was only slightly longer than my most well-endowed canine lover, but its impressive girth fully made for it. It was the thickest cock I had ever seen. The mere sight of the pulsating veins that riddled its surface almost made me lose control. I came close to sucking the engorged dickhead into my mouth, but I knew that would be a mistake. Candy had told me to take things slow, and that was exactly what I would do.

I glanced as Candy for permission. As soon as I got it, I grabbed hold of my lover’s shaft with both hands and began eagerly working it. All ten of my fingers traveled up the length of my lover’s cock. The stallion snorted, which I chose to believe meant he enjoyed the feel of my fingers on his member. Determined to please him, I intensified the handjob. Before long, I was furiously jerking the spear.

I’m not sure how long it took. It could have been a few seconds like it could have been an hour. All I know is that at some point, the stallion’s cock came to life and started jumping around in my hands. Determined to give the best performance possible, I angled the shaft so it pointed straight at my face. I closed my eyes just in time.

I moaned in my most sensual voice as my lover’s hot semen splashed onto my face. Squirt after squirt was released, drenching me in mere second. Some of the hot nectar made it into my wide-opened mouth, but most of it ended up coating every inch of my face. It also dripped down from my breasts and snaked its ways along my frame until it reached my engorged labia. This not only made for quite an enticing performance, but it also foreshadowed the perversities to come.

“Great job,” complimented Candy as soon as the final squirt was released and my lover’s cock went lips in my hands.

I released the cock and wiped the thick layer of semen that clung to my eyelids. I found Candy standing a few feet away, staring at me with a proud smile. I couldn’t tell if she was acting or genuinely impressed by my performance.

“Is it over?” I asked, still playing the childishly innocent virgin card.

“You could stop now,” admitted Candy. “But if you really want him to trust you, you must allow him to ride you.”

I remained silent for a few seconds, pretending to think of and understand what she had just said.

“Oh, okay,” I finally said with a casual shrug.

Candy’s smile told me I was playing my role to perfection.

“Before you can get started,” explained Candy, “you must get him hard again.”

Within seconds, I was once again stroking my lover’s testicles. Before long, his cock made its second appearance of the day. I grabbed hold of it, and in less than a minute, it was as hard as rock.

“Get on your hands and knees,” instructed Candy once I had released the stallion’s spear.

I was in position within seconds. The Shetland pony was no bigger than a large dog, so there was no need to prop myself up. The rather imposing length of his member also helped quite a lot. But in the end, the success of the performance rested entirely upon my shoulders. If I didn’t give the viewers the intense pounding they were expecting, it would leave them wanting more. On the other hand, it I overacted, it would seem forced, and I would alienate my fans. The only way to succeed was to find a middle ground, something that gave the viewers what they wanted without giving them too much. I was attempting to determine how to do this when I realized something. I was approaching this entirely the wrong way. Having sex with animals was what I did best. And that’s why people wanted to see me perform. As long as I had a good time, so would they.

All right, I thought. Let’s have fun!

I reached back and grabbed hold of my lover’s rock-hard cock. At least I would have had he not jerked forward moments before I could. The member shot forward. It hit my engorged labia, hovered there for a second, then kept going.

“Fuck!” I moaned as it shot deep into me. Inch after inch traveled into my soaking wet slit until none remained. I now had the entire length of my lover’s cock stuffed deep inside me. And I loved every second of it.

“It’s… so… big!” I moaned as the Shetland pony began thrusting. The thick member glided in and out of me. It was slow at first, but the speed increased with each penetration. Before long, it moved with such purpose that I could no longer tell when it was in and when it was out. Not that it mattered. In fact, the entire world seemed to have faded away. I was barely even conscious of Candy—she stood nearby, watching me work with a proud smile.

The Shetland pony may not have been as massive as I would have liked, but he made up for it with a sexual insatiability that I had never seen before. He rode me like his life depended on it, like the air was poisonous and prolonged exposure to it would make his member fall off. His solution? He forced it deep into me.

“Faster!” I begged though I knew that was impossible. Against all odds, my lover somehow managed to increase the intensity of hit thrusts.

“Deeper!” I pleased. I once again feared that was impossible, but the stallion once again proved me wrong. He now fucked me with such zeal that his testicles repeatedly slammed into me.

“Harder!” I tried, though I knew such a thing was impossible. Fortunately for my wellbeing, I was right. Unfortunately, the interspecies pounding soon came to an end. Why? Because both my lover and I reached the point of no return.

“I’m gonna cum!” That’s what I had planned on saying it, but my lover’s forceful thrusts were so potent that I never got a chance to say it. What actually came out was the most powerful, high-pitched climactic cry of my entire life.

“FFFUUUCCCKKK!!!” I bellowed as the orgasm that had been growing within me for the past few minutes finally exploded. My back arched. My head was thrust back. My entire body began to convulse. Moans toppled from my lips. Then, after what felt like an eternity, I began to squirt.

Cum gushed from my slit like water leaving a fire hydrant. The frothy liquid flew in all directions and started flowing down my thighs like a river after a torrential downpour. It inevitably reached the concrete floor and gathered between my legs in an ever expanding puddle. As much as I would like to take credit for this, I can’t. Most of the cum that now clung to my frame belonged to my lover.

The Shetland pony’s cock had come to life less than a second after my first squirt was released. It now convulsed with such force that I nearly lost my balance more than once. But I didn’t. I simply stood there as a waterfall of equine semen poured out of me. It was such an incredible feeling that I lost all touch with reality. I forgot about Candy. And the cameras. And the millions of spectators. Only my lover and I remained. But the illusion of privacy was shattered as soon as the final squirt oozed out of me and the stallion’s now limp cock slid out of me for the last time.

I dropped to the ground and rolled out from under my lover. The last thing I wanted to do was get trampled. I was planning on lying there until my strength returned, but my beautiful girlfriend had other plans.

“That was incredible,” she said as she pulled me into a seated position and pressed her lips to mind. I couldn’t tell if the cameras were still rolling. Nor did I care. I kissed Candy like I had never kissed her before and moaned zealously as I did. It didn’t bother me that millions of people around the world were watching us. For all I knew, my friends and family were also watching. But I didn’t care.

The kiss eventually ended. Candy helped me to my feet, and after allowing me to thank the Shetland pony for an unforgettable interspecies pounding, led me out of the Classroom.

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it was definitely not the wave of applause that assaulted me as soon as I left the Classroom. It took me by surprise, leaving me stunned. The first thing I realized upon my recovery was the fact that I was still naked and covered in cum. But no one seemed to care. They continued applauding like I had just won the world cup. A few of them even patted me on the back as I passed them by. It was an odd, yet very gratifying feeling. Thinking that people all around the world had reacted to my performances in such a way filled me with pride. Perhaps performing in the Bestiality Championship wouldn’t be so bad after all. But only time would tell.

To be continued...