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Ron Jeremy

2023-01-18 00:33:34

This is an erotic fiction, fiction is a concept which takes place within a persons mind. To criminalize fiction or fantasy is to accept and endorse the concept of creating thought crimes. To read this story in its entirety only so you can pass your personal judgement against it only denies the truth that other readers are more willing to accept. The truth of why you are really reading erotic fiction in the first place.

This story starts for me when I was in high school and explains how things got started between myself, my mom and her best friend. My mom, at least up until this started happening seemed like any ordinary mom. At least that how it seemed from what I had heard from any of my friends at school. She was (and still is) large breasted with a reasonably thin figure. I guess she worked on that more than other women because of being single. Her name is Candace, her best friend, another woman that she grew up with is Shellie. Shellie is, or at least was married when this all started. Shellie is a reasonably attractive blond with smallish breasts where as my mom's hair is more auburn.

Anyway this all started one day after I came home from school, I was reasonably good looking it seemed. At least I had my share of girls interested in me. I was still a virgin but that was more due to my age rather than anything else. I was pretty cocksure of myself but that was due more to my anatomy than anything else, my name is Ron Jeremy.

Anyway, on the day that this all started happening I came home from school to see mom and Shellie engaged in a heart to heart talk with Shellie mostly crying her eyes out. Mom glared at me like I was intruding when all I did was come home from school at the same time that I always did. Anyway mom glared at me and in way of explanation she said that Shellie just found out that her husband was cheating on her. The way that mom said that really kind of set me off. It was almost like she was accusing me of doing something wrong because I was a guy and Shellies husband was a guy and there for all guys are like that, at least that's the impression that I got. Her attitude and the way she brought me into their conversation is what gave me the go ahead to say what I did. Rather casually I remarked "hey what's good for the goose is good for the gander" they both stopped talking and just looked at me. I put some more words together while trying to slip out of the room un-noticed which obviously at that point was impossible. But anyway as I headed towards my room I just said "you’re certainly good looking enough, it should be easier for you to find someone to play with than it was for your husband "

Well that took their conversation in a whole new direction I think, mom jumped on what I said agreeing with me while Shellie just stared at me with her mouth agape. For most of the afternoon I stayed hidden in my room but when Shellie was all calmed down and leaving mom had me come out to say good bye. I did as I was told but the look that I saw in Shellies face told me she was really thinking about something as she left. She mouthed out the words "thank you" to me as she was leaving.

That was where I thought it was going to end but fortunately for me I was totally wrong on that. A few days later I came home from school knowing that I had the house to myself, same day every week mom has to work late and I am on my own till dinner time.
Only on that day Aunt Shellie (ok she's not really my Aunt but that's what we call her) came over asking me if my mom was home. It was kind of awkward only because I knew that she knew that mom worked late that day, just like every other Thursday. Mom always works late on Thursdays. Some instinct told me to keep my mouth shut about that though since it seemed to me that Shellie had to be here for something.

We stood there talking about nothing really and then it struck me, the way she was standing, the way she was fidgeting with her hands, the way she looked down at the floor a lot while talking. She was nervous about something, kind of like when I was talking to a 9th grade girl who just found out the rumor about the size of my cock. Funny how that works, it was common knowledge in school because of the way the guys from the locker room would talk. Something that my mom was still totally unaware of, as least as far as I could tell. Just as I was realizing that Aunt Shellie blurted out "you really think that I am good looking, enough you know to ..."

Now at least I had it figured out, I just had to find a way to make something happen. I smiled and told her yes. She really was good looking, which by the way, was actually telling the truth. That her husband was an idiot for stepping out on her and that any guy would be lucky to spend time with her. Well she stopped talking with that and just started looking down. I wish that I had some sort of witty thing to say but I was young and really new at seducing woman, she was my first, so I didn't really say anything. She broke the silence by looking down at her hands and commenting that she didn't know what to do with her hands. Fortunately for me that is when I got my shit together and told her that I could help with that. That if anything happened, well it wouldn't be her fault any way. She just looked at me but didn't ask about what I meant about "anything happening" I took that as a go ahead and went to the kitchen junk drawer where I knew there was a piece of cloth clothes line. She didn't say a thing either when I walked towards her unwinding it from the coil it was in. I had her put her hands behind her back and all she said was "what?" I put a length of it in her hand to hold. She held it without comment while I put her hands together behind her back and started looping the long end of the rope around her wrists. Once I had her wrists loosely bound I grabbed the dangling piece of rope that she held and looped it between her forearms and tightened up the loops around her wrists. She was quiet the whole time that I did this so I was certain that she really did want "something" to happen.

Once I had that done I looked at her and quietly said now nothing can be your fault. She looked up at me with both fear and excitement in her eyes. I reached around behind her head and took a hand full of hair and gently pulled down causing her to tilt her chin up. She was nervous and had her mouth open partially. I didn't so much as kiss her as I pulled her upper lip into my mouth and pulled gently with my teeth before planting a small kiss on her lip as I let go. I then did that again with her lower lip. She let out a soft moan as I did that so I knew I was on the right track. Then I got the idea of taking her over by our front door, we have these decorative mirror squares with some sort of design pattern on them by our front entry door. These mirrors run up one whole wall by the entryway. She asked where I was taking her, I think she would have resisted the bedroom thing anyway. I told her that I wanted her to see what I was doing.

I got her by the mirrors and turned her sideways so she could lookout of the corner of her eye. I tilted her head back again and went for her lip, only this time she turned her head away from me so that she could watch better in the mirrors. Since she wasn't objecting I decided I had to see how far I could take this. With her turned more sideways to me, trying to watch the mirrors I stood to her side and ran my hand up her belly to the bottom of one of her breasts. All she did was take a breath, I took that as my go ahead and slowly brought my hand up cupping her breast giving it a gentle squeeze as I felt my first real breast. I looked in the mirror at her face to see her reaction and I could see that she was staring at my hand in the mirror with her face transfixed. That was all the go ahead that I needed to let my hand wander over to her other breast giving it more of a squeeze. I wasn’t sure but it seemed like I could feel her nipple getting hard underneath her bra.

Without really thinking I commented "what is that? is your nipple getting hard?" she blushed furiously red and looked down but didn't say a thing. I took this as a really good sign and decided to go for more. I brought my hand down and began pulling her shirt up to expose her bare skin and still she said nothing. I may have been new at this but I knew well enough that this meant I had a green light. I got my hand under her shirt and felt bare skin, my god my cock was raging at this point. I had never felt a girl up before and here I had a real woman, real skin, and not a word of protest as I slid my hand up to the base of her bra cup. Not a word from her either as she watched my hand in the mirror as I slid it up under her bra feeling a real breast for the first time. A glance in the mirror showed her face was mesmerized by watching me. I was not only feeling a breast for the first time but I could feel her nipple was standing up hard and poking out. I rolled her nipple in my fingers and finally heard her gasp a little.

I knew that I could still do more here, I wasn't sure what my limit would be with her but I knew that I wasn't stopping till I had to. I pulled my hand out and began unbuttoning her shirt, she acted reluctant but didn't really say anything to stop me. Once I got her shirt open I was now looking at a real woman's bra, one that I had just had my hand up inside of. It was really just a plain looking white bra but it was my first, at least the first I had ever seen that had a breast in it. This memory is with me today just like it happened yesterday, as is the memory of my first real breast. I pulled her bra cup up revealing the most beautiful breast I had ever seen. Ok it was the first breast I had ever seen but it was beautiful none the less. I think I even said so. I quietly said "god that is beautiful" she actually thrust her chest out a little at hearing that. She said nothing as I brought my head down and around to take her nipple into my mouth. I came around to kneel in front of her and began running my hands up and down her back while suckling on her nipple, since she wasn't stopping me I began running my hands over her ass to feel that as well. It was nice, she wasn't saying a thing so I began squeezing her ass cheeks and her only reaction was to thrust her hips forward toward me.

I realized that this meant that I might be able to actually suck on a real pussy today as well as real nipples. I quickly pulled up her other bra cup and began sucking on her other nipple. She seemed to like that while I busied my self with pulling at her pants. She began to protest at that so I mumbled a question asking if she had anything else that I could suck on. She seemed almost breathless as she asked "you want to do that?"
I simply nodded up and down with her nipple in my mouth. She gave a breathless "oh" and said nothing more as I began working her pants down over her ass. I finally realized that I really should undo her pants first before doing that. No words of protest from her as I unsnapped her jeans and worked her zipper down. I got her jeans down almost to her knees and was looking at some flowered cotton panties when I realized that I wanted them down too. I left her jeans where they were and began pulling her panties down to pull off with her jeans. She seemed like she was going to protest so I left her panties on even though now they were down far enough to show some of her blond pubic hair. I got her jeans off and then put my mouth to where I figured her slit might be, right on top of her panties. She gave a throaty breath of air out and thrust her hips at me. I reached up and pulled the crotch of her panties aside and there in front of me was the first real pussy I had ever seen in my life. Blond, musky, a small shiny wet area showing between her pussy lips, she was getting wet. Some thick, flush looking lips were beginning to unfold from her slit. I dove in. I had no experience but I knew that I wanted to put my tongue up inside her and suck on whatever I could find. She offered no resistance.

I got my first taste of a real womans pussy and loved it instinctively. All the sudden it seemed she was closing her legs. I looked up to the mirrored wall to see her face, it didn't look like she was pushing me away at all, then it dawned on me. I reached up and grabbed a hold her panties. She held her legs together making it easier to slide them down. She hooked them on one foot and began lifting them up and away, I took that as a cue and put my hand under her knee and lifted that leg opening her pussy wide open to me. The gasp that she gave told me that this was not what she had planned for, but since she wasn’t stopping me I took it as ok and dove back in. The response she gave with her hips told me that this was now all good with her, her back was against the non mirrored wall it became obvious to me that she was watching all of this unfold in the mirror on the wall and not objecting to any of it. I decided I may as well go for it all and began undoing my pants.

I knew she was watching my every move so its not like what I was doing was a secret, I was hoping to god that she wouldn't say anything about me undoing my pants. She had to know what this meant I was planning on doing. Her only reaction was to move her leg up and over my shoulder since my hand was no longer supporting her leg from under her knee. As I was pulling my pants down to my knees I was worrying that she had her leg over my shoulder to keep my mouth on her pussy. Then I decided that if that was the case, so be it, I was loving every minute of sucking on her blond slit. Her pussy lips had swollen and come out into my mouth giving me some lips to slip my tongue in between, that and I was able to pull her lips into my mouth while reaching up inside of her with my tongue and flicking the top of her slit, she seemed to like that. I decided that this was what I needed to do and began licking and flicking the top of her slit with my tongue while I got my briefs over the top of my raging pecker that I was looking forward to burying into its first real pussy.

With my back to the mirror I'm pretty sure that she never got a glimpse of my cock, and I don't think that she could have seen it while I struggled to stand up. I do know that as soon as I tried to stand she began moving her leg. She didn't really get it aside though and we kind of jammed together at first. The fact that she didn’t say a word at that point was good for me. She wasn't saying no, just quietly breathing hard. She got her leg over making it possible for me to stand up. This told me that this was really going to happen. She was really going to let me fuck her.

She put her foot all the way to the floor, but then lifted her other foot up. I realized that she liked being spread open like that but was just tired of standing on one foot. I grabbed her knee and lifted spreading her slit open again. Then I began my wild stabbing trying to find her hole with my cock. I finally reached down with my other hand and met her eyes. Her look told me "yea put it in" even though I had just been down with my mouth, I still wasn't sure how to aim it, at that point I was still a virgin, it didn't take long though and I was finding my way inside of her.

I got my first couple of inches in easily but had to pull back to get more lubricated. Each thrust I was burying more of my cock in her. On my third thrust I got about 6" of it in, she started to lean her head back to the wall. As I continued pumping and thrusting more of it into her, her mouth dropped open. It didn't take much more to get the rest of it in her. I could feel some sort of spongy resistance on the head of my cock as I thrust into her, something that I have long since come to realize is "bottom" I was bottoming out in her pussy and pushing up against whatever it is that's in there. Her mouth dropped open. I began thrusting, she started breathing fast, then grunting as I thrust in her. We both started groaning about the same time. I was just groaning, she was saying "oh god, oh god, it's big"

I was getting ready to cum, I wasn't sure if I was supposed to pull out or not, I'd heard the guys at school talk. I did know that I wasn't going to willingly pull out of her so I looked at her face to try to figure out how bad it was going to be when I did empty my balls inside of her. Her eyes were starting to roll back inside of her head and her one leg was giving out so I had to really lift with my one hand to keep thrusting in her. I figured this was all good and stopped worrying about emptying my balls and just started pushing. Between my thrusting and my lifting, her other foot came off the floor, I grunted "I'm gonna" and she said "do it, do it in me"

I let go with a load that would of shot off over my head if I was doing it myself. Her eyes flew back into focus briefly as she obviously felt me going off inside of her. Then her eyes went out of focus again and started rolling back inside her head. I didn't see any more of her face at that point since I was just focused on pinning her ass to the wall while unloading myself inside of her.

It started to get a little weird feeling after I unloaded in her. Unusual as it is we both managed to "finish" at about the same time. She was trying to get rearranged to leave and I was trying to look at her tits, hey, it was the first time I'd ever seen real tits. She asked "U ok?" I said "you’re beautiful" she smiled and started dressing slower. When she went to cover her breasts I said "no" and she smiled and told me it was ok, that we could probably,,, she never finished the statement but it made me feel fantastic and I smiled like a moron. I know, I've seen the smile on other people.

Mom was due home any minute, I hadn't realized how long we'd been at it but it suddenly seemed like a real good idea to get distance between ourselves. She beat a hasty retreat afterwards which worked for me because it gave me about 20 minutes to fist pump the air and high five the ceiling over finally losing the big V. It wasn't till mom was walking through the front door that it dawned on me that I should check for any evidence that could of been left behind to show what we had done.

I looked around as mom walked past me and my heart both flipped and sunk, there on the floor right by the wall where we had been fucking was a still shiny glob of my cum where it had dropped out of her slit. I had no idea what to do, you can't clean up something inconspicuously with your mom looking right at you and talking to you. I gave up on it and worked my way towards my room hoping to draw her away from the “scene of the crime”